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How to Hide Apps on a Samsung Phone


It is crucial to you that certain applications are not installed on your Samsung smartphone. That is a straightforward process. When you want to conceal applications, it only takes a few touches, whether you want to keep them hidden from prying eyes or because they were pre-installed with your phone and you don’t want to uninstall them.

After much anticipation, here’s how to make programmes on your Samsung tablet inaccessible to the outside world.

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How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Smartphone

Please note that these instructions are only applicable to Samsung Android handsets and that they should not be followed by other smartphones. For those who own an Android phone manufactured by a different company, the process will be slightly different for them. This is owing to the fact that Samsung uses a proprietary Android software overlay known as One UI on top of the Android operating system.

1. To bring up the home screen, pinch it or long press on a blank part of the screen for a few seconds. A menu at the bottom of the screen takes you to the editing view of the home screen, where you may make changes.

2. The drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen has options for customizing the home screen (alternatively, it might be called Settings).

3. From the drop-down box, choose Hide apps to conceal your programmes.

4. Select all of the programmes that you wish to keep concealed from your view in the menu bar. When you’re finished, hit the Apply button (alternatively, the button might say Done).

The app will no longer be visible in your app drawer or anywhere else on your smartphone after it has been hidden. Despite this, it will continue to appear in search results and while scrolling through all of your apps from the Settings menu.

Is Hiding Apps Enough?

Even if it’s nice to be able to hide applications on your Samsung phone, do you think this function is suitable in your situation? You might want to go a step further and either entirely stop the programmes or lock them behind a PIN code to keep them safe. You may accomplish this with the help of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app, which will alert you when it’s time to disconnect from the internet.



Does Samsung have hide apps?

Because of the numerous customization possibilities available, Samsung’s One UI Android skin is quite popular among consumers. One of these features is the option to hide non-essential apps from the home screen and app drawer, among others. Apps may be hidden using Secure Folder and Android launchers, among other methods.

What is app drawer?

The app drawer, which is available on Android smartphones and tablets, is a menu that contains all of the programmes that have been installed on the device. The app drawer differs from the home screen in that it contains all of the apps that have been installed and cannot be personalized.

What is Samsung private mode?

To block others from using or viewing certain material on the device, such as photographs and documents, turn on the Private mode feature. To safely conceal stuff, you may enable private mode, save material to a designated place, and then deactivate private mode to restore access.