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How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts


Instagram provides no official option to stop read receipts from being returned to the person who originally sent the message. The sender of your message will always be aware of whether or not you’ve read their communication. If you are the one who is sending the communication, this also applies to you. When one of your messages is read, Instagram will inform you by sending a read receipt to your inbox. The Instagram service generates a read receipt whenever a user sends a message to another user on the platform. You will see a notification that they’ve read your message when you open up the discussion in the app when it tells you that they’ve read your notice. You will learn how to conceal your Instagram read receipts by reading the following article:

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How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

On iPhone:

1. To access the control panel, drag your finger from the screen’s uppermost portion.

2. Tap the button labelled “Airplane Mode.”

How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

3. You also have the option to open Settings and activate the Airplane Mode feature by toggling the appropriate option.

How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

4. Tap the Wi-Fi option on the same screen as Airplane Mode.

5. To ensure that your phone’s Wi-Fi feature is completely turned off, you can turn the button that controls it off.

How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

On Android:

On Android devices, you have the simple option to turn off Wi-Fi and activate the airplane mode. You can now temporarily conceal your read receipts on Instagram by using this feature.

To hide read receipts on Instagram when using Android:

1. Swipe your finger down the screen to open the notifications section, then hit the “Airplane mode” button to activate the mode.

How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

2. Simply turning off the Wi-Fi on your phone can be done by pressing the button labelled “Wi-Fi.”

How to Hide Instagram Read Receipts

3. After turning off Wi-Fi and placing your phone in airplane mode, you can see the messages sent to you via Instagram. Once you have reconnected to the internet, the read receipts will be provided to you.


Can you turn off someone’s read receipts?

Within the Chat settings of Messages, you’ll find the option to turn off read receipts. If a user has read receipts turned off, the feedback won’t be displayed next to the messages that they receive.

Does turning off read receipts also turn off last seen?

Users are able to determine when the last time a specific user was active on WhatsApp by utilizing this function. Even if a user deactivates the Read Receipts feature but leaves the Last Seen functionality enabled, the sender will still be informed of the activity status of the recipient.

Why do people turn on their read receipts?

A read receipt is an indication that you have heard what the other person has to say. It is exactly what it sounds like: a receipt. Without it, it is much simpler for certain people to become distracted from the discourse at hand without paying the level of attention that the topic merits.

How accurate are read receipts?

It is reasonable to presume that the message has been observed, regardless of whether the recipient actually opens the message or not. Even if a user has read receipts enabled on their device, the notification preview that they receive on their iOS or Android device is more than sufficient to comprehend the substance of a message even if they do not see the “Seen at 10:24” read receipt.