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How to Hide Suggested Posts on Instagram


Instagram used to be a photo sharing app, but in an apparent effort to compete with the nonsense promoter and adversarial whacky psyop farm known as TikTok, your photo feed is now often filled with annoying “suggested posts” TikToky video clips that are not from people you follow and are not from things you are even interested in. This is a change from Instagram’s previous behaviour, in which it did not fill your photo feed with TikToky video clips. On the other hand, you will frequently observe endless eye-catching rubbish accompanied by some catchy melody or audio from a movie in an effort to encourage thoughtless consumption and juice engagement figures. Annoying, right?

You will be relieved to learn that you are able to conceal Instagram’s suggested posts, at least for a period of one month at a time, which is good news if you are sick and tired of the never-ending crapola fest that is Instagram’s suggested posts.

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How to Hide Suggested Posts on Instagram

1. Find a post that has been suggested for you on Instagram.

2. Tap the X icon that is located near the top of the proposed junk, or the three dots that are located near the top of the suggested post (…).

How to Hide Suggested Posts on Instagram

3. Select the “Snooze all suggested posts for 30 days” option from the menu.

How to Hide Suggested Posts on Instagram

4. Take pleasure in viewing your actual feed once more.

You will obviously need to repeat this procedure in another thirty days, but at least you will have thirty days’ worth of content originating from people and topics that you truly follow and care about.


Why am I getting so many suggested posts on Instagram?

When you are going through your Instagram feed and after you have seen the most recent posts from all of the accounts that you follow, Instagram will show you posts that it thinks you would like. These recommendations are derived from things such as: Your participation: Who you are following and what posts you have liked, saved, or commented on are both taken into consideration.

Why is Instagram showing me accounts I don’t follow?

As of today, Instagram will begin showing posts from users who are NOT currently followed by you in your feed. INSTAGRAM is now testing a new feature called “Suggested Posts” that will help you stay on your feed for even longer. Beginning immediately, users will begin to see postings on their main feed from accounts that they are not currently following.

Why are my suggested Reels on Instagram?

When it comes to making recommendations for users, Instagram cites user activity as the most crucial factor to consider. The system takes into account which Reels a user has previously interacted with, as well as whether or not the user has had any kind of direct engagement with the content producer.

How do you delete explore suggestions on Instagram?

Launch the Instagram app on the mobile device you’re using.
Simply navigate to the bottom right corner of the app and tap on your profile.
You may access the app’s settings by selecting the cogwheel icon (it looks like three vertical lines) in the upper right corner of the screen.
Clear the search history by selecting the Security menu item.