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How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status


When you follow someone on Instagram or send them a message through the app, that person will automatically be able to view your online status. However, there are times when you wish you had a little bit more privacy. It is possible to conceal your status on Instagram by using either your mobile device or the desktop website; but, the option to do so is buried in the Settings menu, making it more difficult to locate than it might otherwise be.

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How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

1. Launch the Instagram app to get things started.

2. To make changes to your profile, click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

3. Tap the three lines that are situated in the upper-right hand corner of the display.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

4. Tap Settings.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

5. Investigate the goings-on in private.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

6. Make your selection from the menu under Activity Status.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status

7. A single tap on the switch is all that is required to turn off the display of the activity status.

How to Hide Your Instagram Online Status


Can you hide your activity status from one person?

Create an offline profile on Facebook.

You have the option of turning off active status for every contact, turning it off for every contact except for certain ones, or turning it off for just some contacts. After making your selection, you will be prompted to enter the contacts corresponding to the appropriate option you have selected.

Can you appear offline to one person Messenger?

Sign in to your Facebook account, then navigate to the friend’s profile and click on their name. This will make you appear offline to that person. After that, select Appear Offline to Person for the user by clicking the gear icon, which will expand the Options menu.

How do you know when someone is offline on Instagram?

To read the person’s profile, tap on the name. Tap the ‘Message’ button that is located on the person’s profile page. Check for the person’s online status in the top-left corner, just to the right of where their profile name appears. If a person’s status displays the phrase “Active now,” it indicates that they are currently online.

Does Messenger show active when on Instagram?

The cross-chat messaging capability that’s been in development for Instagram and Facebook Messenger is now live. Users have the option to decide whether or not they will get message requests or if they will receive all of them. If the cross-chat platform is turned on, the accounts you message on Facebook and Instagram will be able to see whether or not you are currently active.

Can you tell if someone is checking your Messenger?

When you see a blue circle with a checkmark next to your message, this indicates that your message has been successfully sent. If the circle that appears next to your message is filled in blue, this indicates that your message was successfully delivered. In addition to this, whenever one of your friends reads your message, a thumbnail version of that friend’s profile picture will appear next to your message.