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How to Kill Hunters in Halo Infinite


In the game, hunters are a type of enemy that, at certain points, may feel like they present a greater challenge than some of the game’s bosses. They have extremely sturdy armours that are impenetrable by even the mightiest of your weapons, which means that they will put your fighting ability to the test. Yet, it is possible to succeed over them; in fact, if you are aware with the weak places of their defences, it will not be difficult for you to do so if you know where to focus your efforts. In Halo: Infinite, removing hunters requires a series of actions, which are all outlined in this page for your convenience. So let’s get started:

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How to Kill Hunters in Halo Infinite

This instruction manual will be divided into two sections. The vulnerabilities of the hunters, as well as their method of assault.

Attacking Strategy:

How to Kill Hunters in Halo Infinite

  • Make some space between yourself and them by using your Grappleshot or Thruster, and then make an effort to sneak up behind them. When you finally get behind them, immediately begin dealing as much damage as you can.
  • Go up high, because Hunters are only able to run and jump but not climb. You are in a position to benefit from utilizing this approach.
  • Before diving headfirst into the fray, take a look around the battlefield. This will provide you with information regarding all of the areas that you can use as cover, as well as the locations of the weapons.
  • The Skewer, Shock Rifles, and Bulldog are going to be your most effective weapons in this encounter. When engaging in combat with the Hunters, you should prioritize employing these weapons over the others.
  • And as a final piece of advice, even though it would seem strange to do so, try removing them both at the same time. As you kill the first Hunter, the subsequent Hunters become agitated, which gives them increased strength and speed, and as a result, they become more hostile. If you aim to deal around the same amount of damage to both of them, it should be slightly easier to defeat them. It all boils down to the way you play the game, so you should only try this strategy if you are confident in your ability to handle both elements at the same time.


How to Kill Hunters in Halo Infinite

  • When engaging them in combat, the orange-colored skin on their bodies is the most effective target you can aim for. Return You can attempt to get behind the Hunters to break their armour if you position yourself correctly. After being destroyed, their weak places will become exposed, and it is here that you should direct the majority of your attacks.
  • Sides: Although this area is not as vulnerable as the back, it is still possible to inflict a significant amount of damage if you are able to aim at the openings on the sides of the Hunters.
  • Glowing tubes: You can also aim at the glowing tubes that they have on them to deliver a respectable amount of damage to them.


Why are hunters so strong in Halo Infinite?

In this game, hunters simply have wallhacks that allow them to track you even if you are hiding behind cover or camouflage. Every other bullet sponge opponent also possesses this ability. Even if you use the vast majority of power weaponry, they won’t precisely disintegrate right in front of your eyes.

What is the best weapon to kill hunters Halo Infinite?

It should come as no surprise that power weapons are the most effective type of weapon to deploy against hunters. If you bring a Sniper, Skewer, or even a Ravager into a fight against a Hunter, the pace of the task will go up significantly. If you are unable to obtain one of those, your best alternative is to make use of shock weapons such as the disruptor and the shock rifle.

Are hunters impossible to kill Halo Infinite?

Always maintaining vigilance and a calm demeanour is the most effective strategy for overcoming them. They are the same as every other foe in the game in that they have a limited capacity for taking damage from bullets. Grenades to the rear can be effective, as can heavy weapons, but in the end, the Hunters are vulnerable to death from any source.

Do Kills matter in Halo Infinite ranked?

Kills shouldn’t be worth as many points in ranked objective matches as they are in ranked slayer matches; rather, they should be worth only 10% of those points. There is no correlation between the two at all.

Who is the hardest boss in Halo Infinite?

In Halo: Infinite, Escharum is without a doubt the most challenging boss you’ll face. Due to the fact that they have a massive shield, numerous stages, and a large amount of health, the battle might last for several minutes, especially on more difficult settings.