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How to know your cat is sad? 5 Tips to make her happy


Cats, by nature, are creatures who love to follow a routine and thrive in a friendly and known environment.

Naturally, any change in the environment makes them feel unsettled, stressed, anxious, and even depressed. And the fact that these creatures can’t communicate in human language makes us feel helpless. But this is when you need to see the behavioral changes to take any further action. These can be

  1. Constipation
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Eating less
  4. Sleeping more
  5. Urinating, where they aren’t supposed to

Well, if your cat is showing the above signs, there’s a high chance that they aren’t really happy. These are also flags indicating you need to make some changes in your cat’s routine, to make her happy.

That being said, here are a few tips that can assist you in making her happy again.

  1. Cats are natural athletes

One of the primary reasons why your cat is sad is because they have a lot of energy stored within, but no place to burn it. A lot of indoor cats face this problem. The amount of energy cats possess, if they do not perform enough activities, they are bound to feel trapped.

But it is not always possible for your cat to move out. So instead, invest in fun cat toys. They will keep your cat occupied and will also give them a reason to apply all the stored energy. These include mice toys, toys with feathers, toys with strings, and much more. The rule of thumb is, a tired cat is a happy cat.

  1. Cats are curious animals

Cats inherit their curious nature because they belong to the same family of bigger cats, like lions and tigers. But here is the thing, what are you doing about their curious nature?

For indoor cats, there isn’t much they haven’t already explored already in the house, so this can be a problem. To help your cat cope up with this boredom, try to hide their stuff around the house and let them hunt for it. This will naturally stimulate their curious nature.

  1. Have a companion

Most owners can’t be looking after their cats 24*7 and this can make them really lonely. This is when petting in pairs comes in for your rescue.

One of the go-to tips to keep your cat stimulated and happy, is to get another one. They both will stay busy with each other, making each other happy, and stimulated.

  1. Feed them the right food

Food plays such a vital role in all animals and mammals like cats are no different. But here is the thing, unlike humans, cats cannot communicate what they want to eat or what they need.

They will eat whatever you will feed them, especially domesticated cats. This is what makes it even more important for you to pay attention to your cat’s dietary needs. They might need wet food, or dry food, or might need some vet products, or other supplements – make sure you identify your bud’s needs and make them available.

Further, you must make all your purchases from a trusted dealer and supplier. Food, in today’s market, is very quick to be adulterated, and cat food is no different. You can start by exploring products at – not only do they cater to a cat’s food and dietary requirements, but they also look after other supplies a cat needs, including bowls, collars, and toys.

  1. Nothing can replace LOVE!

This is one of the most basic things but yet the most underrated. Sometimes, love is the answer to all your problems.

Of course, other points in this article are equally important, but when you are following all of them, and yet you feel your cat is really unsettled, just pay attention to them. Love them. Cats, especially domesticated cats, crave human attention. And if you can give them along with lots of cuddles and kisses – nothing better!

Over to you…

Having a cat at home can be really pleasurable but only if you are keeping them happy. Sometimes it can be taxing but if you do it right, the joy in your cat’s face will make it all worth it!


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