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How to Wash Your Gym Clothes: 5 Caring Tips!


You can’t just wear any clothes for your intensive gym sessions. They need to be carefully chosen. Not only do they have to be comfortable and stretchy, but they also need to have good endurance. Without that, it will not be able to bear the rough use that gym clothes are usually put through. It is usually an ordeal to find the right gym clothes. You don’t want to feel too hot or suffocated in your gym clothes. The quality matters as much as the length of the cloth. That is why one must put a lot of thought into the gym clothes that they buy. But buying is just one small bit of the ordeal. The main complication arises with the regular use of it.

We sweat a lot when we are working out. Our skin exfoliation gets soaked into the material and might sometimes even react with it, causing an unpleasant experience. That is why these gym clothes need to be regulated and washed properly so that they are fresh all the time. This will also further motivate you to work hard and start afresh, in all senses, every day. But the hassle of cleaning them every day remains. Thus this article talks about 5 caring tips that will help you clean your gym clothes.

Use cold water to clean: It is for the best that you don’t use hot water to clean your gym clothes. They already have a lot of sweat on them and using hot water to clean the clothes further makes them smelly. Use cold water that will also free up the textile and allow it to breathe better.

Use natural air to dry: We know that airing clothes out in the open is an ordeal. There is a lack of space and you have to make a clothesline to hang the clothes. But despite the ordeal, it is worth it to dry your gym clothes naturally rather than artificial dryers. This has multiple benefits. One is that the natural light and air will kill germs better and this will further allow them to not shrink even after multiple washes.

Use special detergents: Normal detergents make your clothes rough and lose the usual shine. That is why it is important that if you are washing your gym clothes every day, get special sportswear detergents. These customized products understand the lifestyles of people who work out actively and adjust the components to suit that. This way your gym clothes will remain intact even after several uses and won’t be harsh on your skin after a few washes.

Invest in good quality gym clothes: Some things are worth the money that you invest in them. This will save your time, energy, and money on laundry. Buying good-quality gym clothes will not only make sure that your clothes retain their shine even after multiple uses but also prevent them from shrinking. As a direct result, you will feel more comfortable in clothes that retain the comfort and softness of the earlier days. Investing in gym clothes from Daily Jock that are wash-friendly helps you use these clothes more optimally.

Soak in vinegar: Body odor is very personal but it can create a lot of embarrassment – especially if you find your clothes smelling all the time, despite washing. To solve this problem, soak your clothes in vinegar and cold water for 30 minutes before washing. This will help in treating the odor problem in your clothes. Soaking in vinegar also has multiple other benefits as well.

Some people have body odor and some people don’t. But everybody sweats. Sitting with sweaty clothes is not hygienic whether or not you have body odor. Yes, body odor makes washing gym clothes regularly more pertinent but that doesn’t mean it is healthy or hygienic for people without body odor. That is why body odor or not, you must wash gym clothes. Don’t use regular clothes like gym clothes. These are specially designed textiles to facilitate movement of your body and they are also laundry-friendly They have specific guidelines to clean them. Follow them and repeat the process as frequently as you can. But the best-case scenario is that you keep multiple sets of gym clothes so that you don’t have to wear the same ones over and over again.

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