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How to Leave a Review on Facebook


You undoubtedly want to brag to a friend or family member about a fantastic (or dismal) experience you had at a local establishment. You might simply tell your friends and followers on social media, but it would be rather limited in its reach. In most cases, it is better to share the data with those who can make use of it. To learn more about the process of posting a review on Facebook, see this article.

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How to Leave a Review on Facebook

1. Go to the Facebook page of the firm whose products or services you are interested in evaluating and click on the “Like” button.

2. Select the tab labelled Reviews from the menu that appears.

How to Leave a Review on Facebook

3. Based on the information provided below, would you say that you recommend [Name of Business]? Click the button that corresponds to either “Yes” or “No.”

How to Leave a Review on Facebook

4. Publish a review of the company that includes your thoughts about the organization. The review must be at least 25 characters long in order to be submitted. Do we have any more essential suggestions or background information that we can share in relation to the process of submitting a review?

5. In the section labelled “Sharing,” select the individuals who will be granted access to your review. You have the option of limiting access to just friends or making the post public, in which case everyone can view it. When you are finished, remember to click the Post button at the bottom of the page.

How to Leave a Review on Facebook


Can you leave a review on Facebook Marketplace?

You are able to post a review on a specific seller using either the listing that you purchased or the messages that you exchanged with them. Please be aware that once you have made your review public, you will no longer be able to make any changes to it. At any time, you have the option to delete your review.

Can you report a seller on Facebook Marketplace?

Simply select the seller by clicking on their name. To contact the seller, tap the underneath their name. Tap Report Seller.

Can you see who rated you on Facebook Marketplace?

Buyer ratings are kept confidential to ensure that rating systems are consistent and that customers are not coerced into giving inaccurate feedback. Even while the evaluations of buyers are kept private, they nonetheless contribute to the safety of our Marketplace community. Your Commerce profile includes a section where you may view the ratings you gave as a buyer.

What can you do if you get scammed on Facebook Marketplace?

It is irrelevant whose side of the transaction you were on if you discover that you have been conned if you have been. You have the option to report them. Inform Facebook of the situation so that they can conduct an investigation into the con artists.

Should you give your address on Facebook Marketplace?

Do not give out your complete name or any other identifying information. We will get together in a public place, such as a fire station, a quick-service restaurant, or a shopping centre. Naturally, you should never reveal any of your personal information, including account details or anything else.