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How to Listen to Music While Playing Roblox


One of the most enjoyable experiences may be had when one plays some of one’s favourite Roblox games while listening to music. In the past, players were able to enjoy Roblox games with the accompaniment of running music in the background. However, when players attempt to do the same thing now, the music stops playing, which leaves gamers wondering how they may listen to music while playing Roblox.

This post will provide an answer to the question of whether or not it is possible to listen to music while playing Roblox games on Mobile, as well as provide instructions on how to do so using a web browser on a personal computer, so that you can play Roblox games while listening to music.

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How to Listen to Music While Playing Roblox

On the PC version of Roblox, you may play games while listening to music. Even after the most recent patch, which prevented players on the mobile platform from engaging in the same behaviour. Let’s find out how to play games on Roblox while listening to music, shall we, without further ado?

  • Launch Roblox in your web browser.
  • Listen to music using either Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube Music.
  • Return to the Roblox homepage and select a game to play.

How to Listen to Music While Playing Roblox

That brings us to the end! You will be able to play any Roblox game on your personal computer while listening to music in the background. Because we conducted our own tests, we are confident in stating that it is effective. Because we conducted our own tests, we are confident in stating that it is effective.


What is the music command in Roblox?

Plays a song from the player’s current location when the Music (ID) command is used. (This action is restricted to admins and players that have purchased a Ship Stereo Gamepass.)

Why did Roblox remove audio?

Because to the recent and significant modifications to the privacy settings, Roblox has, in a nutshell, eliminated audios and music from experiences. This was done to defend the rights of the content creator as well as, most likely, to protect the platform from difficulties relating to copyright infringement.

Does the Boombox in Roblox work?

Unfortunately, it seems as though boomboxes no longer function in the same way that they did in the past. Because Roblox game developers have the option to turn on or turn off the Radio feature, many of them have chosen to include the Radio feature as part of their Gamepass subscriptions. As a direct consequence of this, game passes did not grant access to Boomboxes, which cannot be utilised in the vast majority of games.

Why did Roblox change audio?

We are making significant adjustments to the way privacy is handled for audio, which will result in you having a greater degree of control over the ways in which your assets are used across the platform. On March 22, any new audio that is submitted will be turned to Private, and any current audio that is longer than 6 seconds will have its privacy settings changed to Private as well.

When did Roblox remove the OOF sound?

Concerns were initially raised in the year 2020, when video game composer Tommy Tallarico realised that the now-famous sound was actually his own invention and had been taken from a game titled Messiah. Because of this, the “oof” was taken out of the game until Tallarico and Roblox came to an arrangement to bring it back, but designers will have to pay an additional about one dollar to do so.