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How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV


The Roku Streaming Player gives you the same capabilities as a Roku TV when it comes to locating the Ethernet MAC address of a connected device. The operation of each of these gadgets is carried out in precisely the same way. However, for this process to be successful, it is essential that your Roku OS be brought up to date, as it is based on the most recent version of the Roku OS. If your Roku OS is not up to date, it will not work properly. If you have a Roku TV, you can locate the MAC address by following the methods that are described in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

1. Start up the Roku TV and check to see that both the Roku device and the television to which it is linked (or the Roku TV itself) have their respective power cables plugged in before turning on the Roku TV.

2. If you want to access the homepage of your Roku device, all you have to do is press the “home” button, which is situated at the very top of the Roku remote control.

How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

3. Scroll all the way down the list of options that are presented on the screen until you reach the bottom, where you will find the Settings option.

How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

4. The Network option will be the first one that you see when you open the Settings menu on your device. Make sure that you choose it and click on it.

How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

5. Now, navigate to the very top of the menu and pick About, which may be found directly beneath the option labelled Network.

How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

6. At this time, a variety of brand new and various pieces of information would start to pop up on the screen. Make sure to make a note of the digits that are written next to the label that says “Wireless and/or Wired MAC Address.” The representation of it in notation would look like this: 00:00:00:00:00:00.

How to Locate the MAC Address on a Roku TV

At long last, you are at liberty to utilise this MAC Address in any manner that strikes your fancy, regardless of the motivations behind your decision.


Is The MAC address the same as the Serial Number?

A MAC ID, or Media Access Control ID, is a combination of letters and digits, much like a serial number. There is only one MAC ID for each device, and it consists of 12 characters and/or digits. It is not the same as a serial number, but it is typically found in a spot on your device that is quite similar to that area.

Why is there no MAC address on my Roku TV?

Selecting Settings from the home screen of the Roku, then Network, then Wi-fi, and finally New Wireless Connection will get you started. Click the Other Options button. Repeat the scan for available networks, and this time your Mac address should appear on the left.

Does every device have a MAC address?

Every computer and other equipment that can connect to the internet has two different addresses: one for its actual location, and another for the internet. A device can be identified to other devices operating on the same local network by its physical address. This address is sometimes referred to as a media access control, or MAC, address.

Is MAC address same as Wi-Fi address?

Wi-Fi Address and Media Access Control address both refer to the same item on an iPhone. MAC addresses are one-of-a-kind integers that are utilised for the purpose of identifying networked devices. The manufacturers of the devices are the ones to allocate these numbers, and each gadget has its own special number.

What happens if there is no MAC address?

An adapter is unable to obtain an IP address if it does not have a MAC address. Without an IP address, the device is completely incapable of establishing a connection. You may also utilise the media access control (MAC) number to reserve a specific IP address for an adapter within a local area network. When something like this takes place within the network, the device in question will always be assigned the same IP address whenever it connects.