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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft


Every survivalist in Minecraft needs to have at least one bed in their inventory. Aside from the fact that it allows you to bypass the full night, resting in a bed also causes your spawn point to be reset and keeps Phantoms at bay. You won’t have a hard time making them, but you will need to search for some materials to use in constructing. This is everything you will need to get started.

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How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

You will need three pieces of wool and three pieces of planks in order to create a bed in Minecraft. These are the two main types of components. Wool is something that can be obtained from sheep. You can earn between one and three pieces of wool by using shears to cut the wool off of a sheep, and you can earn one piece of wool for slaughtering a sheep. You can also make one piece of wool by combining four strands of string, which are normally dropped by spiders.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

If you want to make a bed out of wool, all of the yarn needs to be the same colour. Sheep can spontaneously produce wool that is white, grey, black, brown, and (rarely) pink; but, if you choose a different colour, you will need to dye your wool by combining it with a dyeing chemical. Logs can be obtained by cutting down any kind of tree, and planks can be obtained by laying logs on a crafting table. Every log makes four planks.

After you have gathered three pieces of wool and three planks, arrange them in a specific pattern on your workbench. Place the three pieces of wool on top of one another in a horizontal row. Below them, place the three boards on top of one another in a horizontal row. This will result in the creation of a bed with a hue that is identical to the wool that was used.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

What beds are for in Minecraft

Sleeping is of critical significance in Minecraft for a variety of reasons, much as it is in real life for the same reasons.

To begin, if you go three in-game days without sleeping (or dying) and you are outside at night or during a thunderstorm, horrifying creatures known as Phantoms will spawn in the sky above you. These creatures will attack you if they can get close enough. They will approach you stealthily and attack you until you either succumb to their blows or fall asleep.

The second thing is that your bed is literally your home. If you touch a bed, even if you don’t intend to sleep in it, the location of that bed will become your new spawn point. This indicates that after you die, you will reappear at the location indicated by the bed.

When a person goes to sleep in a bed during the night or during a thunderstorm, time is advanced to the morning and the weather cycle is restarted. When you have a secure place to sleep, you do not need to be concerned about the creatures that appear throughout the night.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

When utilised in either The Nether or The End, beds reveal a hidden purpose for themselves. If you try to position a bed in either of these measurements, the bed will immediately burst into flames with a force that is greater than that of a TNT block. If you’re not protecting yourself with armour, there’s a good probability that a single blow will be enough to end your life.

Explosions like these are typically a liability, but if employed effectively and with caution, they can be beneficial. The majority of players that compete in Minecraft speed running use beds to quickly kill bosses like the Ender Dragon. This is because the explosion causes damage to other players as well. It’s a gamble, but it pays you with a tonne of excitement if you succeed.


How do you sleep in Minecraft without a bed?

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a bed, you won’t be able to get any rest in Minecraft. You are required to wait through the night if you do not have a bed of your own. It’s true that some individuals like to sit about doing nothing all night, but if you want to be as productive as you possibly can, it’s best to maintain working on your base or keep mining throughout the night.

How do you make a bed explode in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, beds will only explode when placed in the Nether or the End. If you go to any of those dimensions with the intention of sleeping in a bed, the bed will blow up.