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How to Make a Dog in Bloxburg


How to Make a Dog in Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg is one of the most popular games. The life simulator game revolves around an individual and focuses on his life. The game is set up in a fictional city. Having a pet in real life as well as in the life simulator games can be fun and interesting. Many people wonder how to make a dog in Bloxburg. Here is a quick guide that will help you to learn to build a dog in Welcome to Bloxburg.

Building a dog in Welcome to Bloxburg

To build a dog, the players should get some items. The list of items that you will require is as follows:

  • Small stool that has four legs
  • 4 cutting boards of large size
  • 10 Small cutting board
  • 2 Napkin holders
  • 4 Napkins with rings

Process To Assemble These Items

You have to follow the easy steps below to assemble these items to make a dog:

  • Place the stool at the bottom to make sure that it is straight. The large cutting boards must be large and two of them are stacked together.
  • Place one napkin that has rings. These rings must be situated on the right edge of the cutting boards. Make sure to stack the remaining cutting boards. It is important to place each cutting board carefully as it can be difficult to put them together in the first attempt.
  • Once you are done doing that you need to place around small cutting boards together. Take four cutting boards together and stack them together on the left edge. The cutting boards should be stacked on the left side of the large cutting board. Place the cutting boards at the top of the small cutting boards. Take one napkin with rings and place it on the cutting board carefully.
  • Cover the stacked cutting boards with three more small cutting boards. Take the two other napkins and fix them with the boards with the rings. Put the remaining two napkins side by side and make sure that they are fixed properly.
  • Cover the napkins with the remaining small cutting boards. The entire stack should be covered with napkins with rings.
  • Once you are done with this step place the two napkin holders on one side of the small cutting boards. You can place the napkin holders on any side of the cutting board. This will make the dog ready to rumble. It is important to figure out the right way to place all these items together as this will help you to build the dog properly.
  • Place the four small cutting boards on the edge of the cutting board. You have to place the small cutting board on the left side along with one napkin with rings. The next step is to stack three more napkins on the cutting board.

On the entire row of small cutting boards, put two remaining napkins with rings. Each of them should be placed side by side. Cover all this with small cutting boards and your dog will be ready.