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How to Make a Girlfriend on Omegle Alternatives?


Generally, people turn to Omegle alternatives when they think the traditional methods of getting a girlfriend are not working out. Honestly, the reality is that video chat with girls through sites should be where you start your journey of getting a girlfriend. 

Okay, let’s face it. How much effort, time, and money you have wasted in finding the perfect one for you? Even dating sites rip you off your peace of mind with an elongated process of meeting someone and getting to know them. 


What if you could cut down the month(s) long chase to meet the girl you like to 5 minutes? Sounds unrealistic? Well, it is totally true with Shagle. If you have rooted for Omegle Plus in the past, you have to try and use the features and services that Shagle has to offer. 

Shagle is essentially a site that provides you with the ability to chat with strangers from all over the world. Yes, the world could be your stage and you can be as picky as you like in making sure whom you want to chat with.

First things first, why Shagle? This could be a genuine question for people who have not tried the platform yet. Shagle is extremely simple and uncomplicated. Despite that, it is entrusted with all major and minor bells and whistles that you expect out of a video cam chat site. 

Why is Shagle better than dating sites?

Many people drop the idea of being on dating sites based on multiple variables. These variables could range as wide as below:

  • The profile set up signing up takes a lot of time. Some people do not have the time, patience, or the perfect picture or the willingness to write page-long essays about themselves.
  • They don’t want others to know about their dating life. Some people prefer anonymity over the public display of “Hey look how lonely and single I am”. Nonetheless, if your friends happen to be on the same platform, they could read the profile and tell it’s a lie.
  • Some people are tired of being matched to the same faces that they had willfully rejected in the past
  • Some people don’t like the abundant time it can take to finally get things going with a girl. Starting from someone liking your picture to not liking them when you physically meet after 2 months can be the most emotionally exhausting thing ever.

So, we get an understanding of why some people run away from dating apps. However, Shagle is nothing like this. All these user concerns do not even exist in Shagle. Let’s learn what makes Shagle different than the rest and how:

No profile creation

With Shagle, you do not have to engage in any sort of profile creation or setup. All you need to have as a pre-requisite for Shagle is to have an internet-compatible device with a camera. The next step is to allow Shagle access to your device’s camera. That is it!

There is literally no additional hassle of doing something unnecessary or asking for unnecessary information. Once the access is granted, you are all set and ready to interact with women from all around the world.

Anonymous Platform

User privacy and unwillingness to share private and personal details is a real thing. There is real apprehensiveness about not sharing your private information. Apprehensiveness is a valid concern because a lot of websites are not safe. 

However, when it comes to Shagle, the platform is extremely safe. As an ardent user of Shagle, you do not have to worry about anything remotely related to security. There is no storage of any user chats or conversations.

Furthermore, as a user, your real and private identity will not even be sought in the first place. When the information is never asked, there is no question of its revelation. You can also use the face filters to hide your face during the chats as a second check to anonymity. 

Multiple Dates

Is it any fun meeting the same people again and again? Most dating sites have limited users and even if they want, they cannot exceed their user base and bring about uniqueness. Concerning the user base that Shagle has, you will always have people you haven’t met. 

Hence, there is always a better scope of meeting new people and running into new strangers. You also do not have a face-to-face encounter with someone you rejected in the past. So, you can keep skipping people without any feeling of remorse or embarrassment. 

The user base of Shagle is huge because they are multi-locational. This means that Shagle holds a strong presence as a webcam chatting alternative throughout the world. You can surpass your geographical territories by chatting away with people from different locations.

No Delays

We all have limited time and we all try to extract the most out of the limited time we have. Dating is no exception to this fact. In an era of speed dating, time delays, buffering and time-wasting advertisements have no place. This is why Shagle is most preferred.

It cuts short your time to date to 5 minutes flat. It will be a good enough time to know whether you are hitting it off with the person on the other side. If not, you move on. If yes, you continue. 


Shagle has even set quality benchmarks for Omegle Plus concerning the promptness of its services. The platform has even witnessed a sudden escalation in its user base in the past year when external movement and dating were highly curbed. The users of Shagle still managed to date.

So, when it comes to video chat with girls, a platform like Shagle is perfect for heading on this journey. It is quick, prompt, beautiful, and a very dynamic way to connect with women all around the world. A lot of people have found their love interests in Shagle, what is stopping you?