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How to Make a Transparent Image Online


A transparent image is an image where you can put anything of your choice on the background. Usually, the images with no background are pronounced as transparent images. Transparent backgrounds are very important and used to fulfill any purpose. Generally, people use transparent background images for e-commerce as in the business of e-commerce this is the picture that can tell the quality of the product. 

Similarly, people use transparent backgrounds for their official uses. In offices and educational institutions, a picture with a transparent background is required. Therefore, it is the demand of the current age. There are many sources to make the transparent background of an image transparent but most of them are paid. 

Nevertheless, Imgkits is a free website that allows users to make the background transparent in no time. In addition to this, Imgkits offers many other editing tools. It is pertinent to mention here you can perform multiple tasks and can take the editing to the next level. 

We have critically reviewed all the offerings in detail and we endorse Imgkits to all types of users. Furthermore, the website allows the users to inpaint old images, enlarge pictures, and on top of that make a transparent background. Thus, this is the most recommended website for all users who want to do editing.

Introduction to imgkits Website:

Imgkits is the most useful platform for picture editing. There are bunches of facilities available on this website. According to many existing users, Imgkits has been making life so much easier for people. The details of all the Imgkits tools are available in the following lines. However, it is very easy to use this website. The working time is much less than many other similar sources. 

In addition to this, it has been seen that most of the time you have a great picture of yourself but the background makes it difficult for you to upload it on social media. At this point, Imgkits comes to assist you and offers you an option to make the picture better. Moreover, currently, everyone wants to have a large library of pictures because there are many social media platforms. 

It is necessary to highlight that the option of transparent background is amazing and very useful. As already discussed in the preface section, transparent backgrounds are required on many platforms and e-commerce is the primary option. Other specifications of the website are that you can inpaint the old photos, make the skin better by editing pictures, colorize the old black and white pictures, and enlarge images.

Main Functions of the imgkits tools:

As mentioned earlier in the Imgkits introduction, there are many tools available on this website. Following are the details of the main tools;

Remove Watermark:

A watermark is the text, date, logo, or design that appears on the background of an image. Sometimes, you want to remove this watermark and this website offers an easy way to remove the watermark. The process is simple and it does not take more than 2 seconds.

Remove unwanted objects and inpaint old photos:

By using this feature of Imgkits, you can remove the unnecessary objects from the photo. Likewise, the website also helps the users to inpaint old photos. Everyone has old photos in his library and it is very easy to revitalize them. The procedure is self-explanatory.

Colorize old Image and Image Enlarger:

Imgkits makes it easy for the users to color the old photos. It is pertinent to mention here the image enlargement is one of the easiest tasks since it can enlarge the picture within seconds. Coloring the picture is amazing since Imgkits intelligently perform this job.

Improve your skin:

Everyone has skin issues and the deficiencies go away with time but the defect remains in the picture. Nonetheless, Imgkits is here to bail you out from this problem. You have to upload an image on the website and it removes spots in 2 seconds.

How to remove the Background:

The process of removing the background is very simple. Below is the step-by-step guide for the general public:

  • Go on the website of Imgkits.
  • Click on the Background remover tab stated on the top line of the website.
  • Press the upload image button and upload the image.
  • Immediately after this step the website started working and removed the background.
  • You can download it by pressing the “Download” option.

Above is the procedure to remove the background on Imgkits. It is necessary to highlight here that the process is very easy and finishes in seconds. The website also offers a transparent background service. The transparent background looks wonderful and it allows the user to put any type of background on the image. There are certain built-in backgrounds readily available on the Imgkits and you can add these to the background of the picture. The transparent background is an astonishing specification since the user can utilize the transparent background image to fulfill the official needs.

Consequently, we can say that the process of image editing is very simple, easy, and on top of that quick. All the tools do not need more than 3 seconds. On the other hand, if the internet speed of the user is slow, it can take a few more seconds. Better speed of the internet produces better image editing and enhances the speed of editing also.


In conclusion, we can say that Imgkits is one of the best editing services providing websites. There are multiple editing tools available Imgkits. In addition to this, a transparent background is the most astonishing feature. On the website, there are multiple transparent background images available on the photo library of Imgkits. There are several buttons also stated on the websites. Most of the tabs belong to real-life matters. Relevant to highlight here that most of the tabs belong to the amazing effects. This factor also helps the Imgkits traffic to check the already available images. We recommend this website to all types of users. Similarly, the option of removing the watermark also worked perfectly. The most prominent attribute of the website is the speed of work. Imgkits does not take more than 4 seconds to complete the editing. The manual of the website is very helpful also. There are various blogs on Imgkits and assist the user with the issues. These blogs help the user to utilize the Imgkits tools.