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How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit


While browsing through the comments on Reddit, no one will inadvertently be spoiled because the site includes a spoiler tag that is automatically activated for every post. A “spoiler” is defined as something that eliminates the element of surprise or the enjoyment that comes with anything shocking. To put it another way, it is information that pertains to something that has not yet been made available to the broader population as part of their shared knowledge. This post will walk you through creating a spoiler and using it in Reddit. So let’s get started:

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How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

If you’re using a personal computer and want to post a spoiler on Reddit, you’ll be happy to know that you may take several different approaches to do this task.

By using the Embedded Spoiler Button

Reddit provides its users with a helpful button labelled “Spoiler” that enables them to identify specific passages of text as being potentially misleading. This technique might be helpful when trying to conceal the solution to a challenging question or avoid spoiling essential story points in a movie or television show.

To use the Spoiler button, do the following:

1. After finding the post on Reddit that you wish to comment on, you may start typing your remark there.

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

2. You can indicate that a particular portion of the text contains a spoiler by highlighting it with the cursor. You must ensure that everything in your comment is highlighted to conceal anything.

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

3. To reveal the spoiler, use the ” Spoiler “ button on the text editing dashboard. The button resembles an exclamation point in shape and size.

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

The text picked will then be concealed behind a preview message, and for other users to see it, they will have to click on the message first. This assures that only those interested in seeing spoilers will have them shown, while others can avoid them altogether.

By using Markdown Mode

You can use Markdown to indicate that the text contains spoilers by containing the content in two sets of syntactic brackets. If a user wanted to give away the plot twist after a book, for instance, they could do so by typing “>!” before the pertinent section of the text and “!” after it. When viewed on Reddit, that portion of the text would be concealed until the user clicked on it, preventing users from inadvertently giving away spoilers.

Detailed instructions are as follows:

1. After logging into your Reddit account, go for the comment window’s bottom right corner and click the icon labelled “Markdown mode.”

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

2. Type your comment.

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

3. To hide a section, begin typing “>!” at the beginning of the part, and then type “!” after the section.

How to Make and Use a Spoiler on Reddit

4. click the “Comment” button to make your comment public.


What is spoiler option in Reddit?

The thumbnails and previews of a post that has been marked with a spoiler tag are concealed so that users can choose for themselves whether or not they want to access the content. A post may be marked as having spoilers if the original poster or moderators choose to do so. In addition, the word “spoiler” or “spoilers” in the title of a post will cause that post to be automatically marked as containing a spoiler.

How do you black out words on Reddit?

Use the spoiler tags if you wish to conceal a certain block of text so that you do not reveal the conclusion of a movie or book. If you enclose the content in the tags “>!” and “! “, it will prevent a block of text from being viewed by anyone other than the user unless that person clicks on it.

How do I make everything private on Reddit?

Simply click on the image of your profile that appears in the upper-right hand corner of the screen, and then select User Settings from the menu that appears. You can adjust your visibility settings by going to the Profile tab and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. You may make yourself less of a target for anyone who is searching around Reddit for people to harass by using this foolproof method.

What is spoiler mode?

Spoiler Mode is a primarily Patreon-exclusive program focused on thorough, uncensored, no-limits debate and analysis of video games, movies, and TV shows.