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How to Sell Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy


Players in Hogwarts Legacy have the opportunity to uncover a wide variety of magical beasts and save them from the clutches of nefarious Poachers. The Room of Requirement has vivarium habitats that players can use to care for their newly discovered adorable critters. As an added bonus, players who take good care of their pets will earn incentives such as feathers that can be woven into robes using the Loom. However, there is a possibility that some players will choose to sell some of their Hogwarts Legacy animals in order to acquire additional wealth or because their vivariums have grown too crowded. You will learn how to sell monsters in Hogwarts Legacy by reading the information contained in this post. So let’s get started:

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How to Sell Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, players who want to sell their monsters should go to the Brood and Peck shop, which is located on the north side of Hogsmeade Village and is indicated on the map. In order for players to unlock Brood and Peck, they must advance the plot of the game and finish the main mission titled “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom.”

How to Sell Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

Brood and Peck is the only map site where players may sell monsters that they have rescued from the wild or bred in the Room of Requirement. Although there are many map merchants where players can buy things like brooms, potions, and some animal components, Brood and Peck is the only map place where players can sell beasts that they have bred in the Room of Requirement.

How to Sell Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy

How Much Are Beasts Worth

Ellie Peck, a vendor, can be found in the area known as Brood and Peck. Players can buy harvestable beast resources from her, such as Fwooper Feathers, or sell creatures to her. There is no difference in quality between the various beast materials, despite the fact that their prices differ. If players are able to capture Hogwarts Legacy monsters in the regions identified as beast dens across the map, they will be rewarded with 120 Gold Galleons for each one they bring in. This makes it a surefire way to make money quickly.

How to Sell Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy


Can you breed beasts in Hogwarts Legacy?

Make your way to the Room of Requirement and then into the Vivarium, and while you’re there, make use of your Conjuration spell to conjure up a breeding pen. To generate an offspring, you must first place a male and female Beast of the same species in the same location and then wait 30 minutes in real-time. And that wraps things up! It is important to keep in mind that the only Beast that cannot be produced is the Phoenix.

Can you do Avada Kedavra in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedavra is one of these unforgivable curses; and yes, the killing spell is included in Hogwarts Legacy, and you have the ability to cast it. Although we do not recommend making use of the dreadful spell, it is extremely effective in the game and will come in useful when going up against difficult foes because it is a one-hit kill curse.

What is the 13th beast in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, you can capture a total of 13 beasts: a Diricawl, a Fwooper, a Giant Purple Toad, a Graphorn, a Hippogriff, a Jobberknoll, a Kneazle, a Mooncalf, a Niffler, a Puffskein, a Thestral, a Unicorn, and a Phoenix.

Can I be a Death Eater in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is an enormously popular game, and Avalanche’s game provides players with the means to role-play as members of the Death Eater organization.

Can you get expelled in Hogwarts Legacy?

In case you were wondering whether or not the decision to report Sebastian would have any repercussions, we are here to assure you that it would have. This is what occurs as a consequence of the option you made. If you report Sebastian to the Ministry of Magic, he will be kicked out of Hogwarts and you will no longer be able to have any further interactions with him in the game.