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How to make the best use of Mask Fragments in Sekiro

Mudasir Jamil


Shopkeepers in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice have some fascinating and expensive items, but nothing is more appealing than Mask Fragments. Divided into three parts, the game deliberately keeps the use of these parts unknown until you are able to collect them. In this guide, we will take you to Mask Fragment of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Mask Fragments use guide for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

When the three mask fragments are combined, a dragon mask is created. This unique project allows you to spend skill points to increase your attack power. Often, you can only increase your attack power in the face of memory of important boss battles, which is quite rare. Being able to spend skill points means you can gain experience from battle and make yourself stronger. If you are struggling in the later stages of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this project may be a ticket for your success.

Three mask fragments are distributed around Sekiro’s world and to collect every one of them, you need to reach one of the final stages of the game. We will describe where to find each Mask Fragment location below, but if you don’t want any spoilers, you may want to avoid reading the third portion of the article.

Mask fragment: Right

Probably the first mask fragment you will encounter. Mask Fragments: Right part is sold by a merchant in Hirata Estate. From the Dragonspring sculptor’s idol, head down to the bridge, then jump into the water and swim to the island on the right. You will need 7 squid scales to trade Mask Fragment, which is the most expensive item he sells.

Mask fragment: Dragon

The next Mask Fragment is sold by a commemorative thug businessman located at Abandoned Dungeon Entrance Idol. Get there from the Ashina Castle idol, grab the tree from the side of the bridge, walk along the front path through the enemies of the big horn, and reach the idols and merchants. Mask Fragment Dragon will get you back to 5,000 sen, so you’re definitely going to need to break into Coin Purses to buy it.

Mask fragment: Left

The final Mask Fragment is located in Fountainhead Palace, the last area to Sekiro. Enter the front building from the idol of the Palace Grounds Sculptor, then turn left through the doorway you can open. When you get outside, turn right and cross the waterfall. There is a hug on the cliff, you can jump up and hook. Start here, move on and grab the pagoda, then move on to find this hidden idol. Beside it? Yes, another merchant. This person needs an amazing 12 squid scales, so you really need to hunt them to fill this order, but once you do, you will collect all three parts of the dancing dragon mask. You can now use it to exchange skill points for attack power, which increases your efficiency in combat.

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