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How to Unlock Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2


Overwatch 2 has at long last been released, and with it comes a number of significant modifications to the traditional hero shooter gameplay of its predecessor. Although the metagame has been altered thanks to the addition of three brand-new heroes and limiting each side to a single tank, the interaction between damage dealers, healers, and tank heroes is still there in Overwatch 2. Wrecking Ball is one of the most odd Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2, and he is one of the heroes that is having trouble finding a place for himself in the current meta. The Wrecking Ball, also known as Hammond, is a Tank that combines a high skill demand with large health points, a special mobility ability, and a distinct name for itself. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of obtaining the wrecking ball in Overwatch 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2

Wrecking Ball’s Playstyle

Wrecking Ball’s primary objective is to apply pressure to the other side, much to Winston or, who are both aggressive Tank Heroes. His Roll movement ability and speed-boosting Grappling Claw can allow him to quickly bridge the distance between him and his opponents, as well as knock opposing Heroes out of position and into harm’s way. Because Wrecking Ball does not have a critical hit weakpoint when he is rolling, it is extremely difficult for Heroes who rely on accuracy, such as Widowmaker or Sojourn, to do their maximum amount of damage.

How to Unlock Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2

Wrecking Ball can easily set up easy shots for his own teammates by using his Grappling Claw to swing into the air above the other team, and then using Piledriver to deliver damage and toss enemies into the air. When it comes to defensive abilities, Wrecking Ball has access to Adaptive Shield, which grants an instant boost to their health that is proportionally raised dependent on the number of foes in the immediate area. Finally, his Ultimate Minefield is an astonishing area denial gadget that covers a large area with 15 highly lethal proximity mines and prevents access to a certain region.

Wrecking Ball’s Abilities

Quad Cannons

The Quad Cannons are Wrecking Ball’s primary weaponry in Overwatch 2, and he can only utilize them while he is not in Roll mode. Despite the fact that the Quad Cannons don’t cause a lot of damage, they have a rapid rate of fire and can be dangerous when used within close to medium range. Unfortunately, they also have a significant bullet spread, which means that they are most useful for finishing off adversaries or harassing them after Wrecking Ball has used Piledriver or Grappling Claw.


Wrecking Ball’s Roll Ability can be activated at any time, allowing the character to transition from a quadrupedal robot into a rolling ball that is controlled from the third person perspective. Wrecking Ball’s speed rises while Roll is active, and this gain is maintained regardless of the direction in which he moves. Furthermore, Wrecking Ball accelerates more quickly when moving downhill when Roll is active. In addition, while Wrecking Ball is in Roll, he does not have a critical hitbox; nevertheless, he will be forced out of Roll if he is hacked, asleep, pinned, hooked, or knocked down, or if he attempts to fire his Quad Cannons.

Grappling Claw

Wrecking Ball’s most useful Ability while in Roll form is his Grappling Claw, which enables him to attach himself to a vertical surface and swing in order to accelerate massively or fly into the air. Wrecking Ball will cause up to 50 damage to any enemy Hero that he collides with and knock them back if his speed is greater than 15 meters per second. Additionally, he will be outlined in flames at this point. Grappling Claw is an extremely versatile Ability, since it may be used both offensively and defensively, as well as for movement.

Adaptive Shield

Wrecking Ball, much like his colleagues diving Tanks Winston and in Overwatch 2, possesses a defensive ability that is only devoted to protecting himself called Adaptive Shield. Wrecking Ball will receive an instant boost of 100 temporary HP from Adaptive Shield, in addition to an extra 100 HP for each foe that is within a 10-meter radius. This has the potential to increase his maximum HP all the way up to 1300, which is twice as much as any other Tank in the game. This health boost will be active for 9 seconds, after which the Adaptive Shield ability will go on cooldown for a period of 15 seconds.


The Piledriver ability can be used by Wrecking ball once it has reached a height of at least 2.25 meters above the ground, as indicated by an orange arrow in the middle of the screen. This Ability will cause the Wrecking Ball to slam into the ground at a tremendous rate of speed, doing damage to any enemy Hero within a range of 10 meters and tossing them into the air at a great height. Piledriver causes enemies to be launched into the air, limiting their ability to control their movement and making them an accessible target for Heroes with a high level of accuracy such as Widowmaker or Ashe.


Minefield is the ultimate ability of Wrecking Ball. It causes him to release 15 explosive proximity mines in the area surrounding his present position, arranged in two concentric circles. When you activate Minefield while you are flying through the air, the mines will be dispersed throughout a bigger region. Each mine takes one and a half seconds to arm, and it will detonate when an opposing Hero enters within a radius of one and a half meters, causing up to one hundred and thirty damage. When placed near chokepoints or in locations with a high population density, these mines can do significant damage and drive an opposing team to either split up or flee. Due to the fact that they only live for 20 seconds, they are extremely effective at denying access to certain areas.

How to Unlock Wrecking Ball in Overwatch 2


Does Overwatch 2 have Wrecking Ball?

Wrecking Ball is a fighter and mechanic who is resourceful and extremely brilliant. He emerged from the Horizon Lunar Colony’s research facilities to become the champion of the Junker Queen. Heroes who specialize in tanking take damage in order to destroy fortified situations, such as tight clusters of foes or constricted passageways. If you’re a tank, you’re supposed to be the one leading the charge.

Does Overwatch 2 allow cricket?

Blizzard does not allow Cricket as a provider because it appears that Cricket inhibits Blizzard’s SMS verification for some reason. As a result, Blizzard wants to avoid extra help desk difficulties caused by individuals registering Cricket numbers but not receiving the verification SMS.

Is Overwatch 2 pay to win now?

Pay-to-win mechanics are present in Overwatch 2 until all heroes are unlocked or purchased individually.

Is Overwatch 2s campaign free?

Overwatch 2’s Player vs. Environment (PvE) campaign is included in the game’s free-to-play offering, which means that players on all platforms are able to experience the story mode at no additional cost.

Can Roadhog one shot Overwatch 2?

The most recent update for Overwatch 2 implemented a number of changes that weakened Roadhog’s abilities, most notably his one-shot combo. On the other hand, players have discovered that the nerfs were not nearly sufficient to completely disable the lethal combo.