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How to manage Riots in Prison Architect 2


How to manage Riots in Prison Architect 2

In Prison Architect 2, one of the biggest challenges is riots. Nevertheless, they can be effectively prevented and controlled with just right approaches. Here is a detailed guide for managing riots from prevention to recovery.

Prevention first

It is important to ensure that prisoners’ basic needs are met since it plays a vital role in preventing them. Inadequate fulfillment of basic necessities like food, sleep and rest usually leads to agitation. It is necessary to have a balanced timetable that provides for these needs satisfactorily. Also, keeping the inmates busy and happy through rehabilitation programs and activities reduces frustration and violence tendencies.

Additionally, overcrowding or lack of programs may lead to frustration as well as unnecessarily strict security measures. To resolve this issue make your prison bigger so as not to have overcrowding while adjusting security levels accordingly but fairly at same time. However, by employing enough guards for frequent patrols especially in areas considered high-risk and investigating violations promptly and punishing them we can maintain orderliness hence preventing future misconducts.

Containment during an uprising

A riot is an emergency situation which will make prisoners to be locked inside their cells immediately in order to contain the riot. You can have an opportunity to concentrate on most affected areas first. When it comes to such a situation, the employment of specialized units of riot police becomes vital. These are more expensive but they work far better than ordinary guards. The best way to handle such situations is by using strategic operational tactics, for instance clearing adjacent sections and then gradually pushing back offenders rather than sending massed up troops on all sides into large-scale riots. Moreover, “Bangup” task force that makes compliant prisoners re-enter their cells shall reduce the number of active participants in riots.

Recovery after the uprising

Post-insurgency recovery is about finding out what caused the insurgency and fixing it. Looking at reports helps understand what was wrong and changes made to schedules, programs or security measures as necessitated by these findings may prevent future outbreaks from happening. Also, rebuilding must take place so as to repair any property damages that were caused during the unrest period while medics have got prompt access to treat injured inmates and warders immediately after that uprising happened.

Extra Hints

Even if they do not work as well as riot police, however, dog handlers can help control minor cases of violence. In addition to that, there could be deployed sniper turrets for open areas and an extra layer of protection.

Let us end here!

These hints will make you effectively control riots in Prison Architect 2 while keeping the prison environment secure. It is always better to prevent than to cure. So watch out closely on what your prisoners need and their frustrations. Upon occurrence of a riot, respond promptly and tactically to confine it and solve it so that post-riot recovery would take place swiftly and completely.