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Atlas Fallen – How to Get Enhanced Air Dash


A unique feature of the role-playing game Atlas Fallen is the ability to do a variety of aerial acrobatic maneuvers that can be applied to various scenarios. You will use them to punch an enemy, run away from a foe who could be too strong for you, and sometimes you will use them to go over a barrier. Nevertheless, it is challenging to locate each Enhanced Aird Dash shard because their locations are not laid out. The following post will walk you through getting Enhanced Air Dash in Atlas Fall:

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Enhanced Air Dash Shard Location 1

The first Shard is situated in front of the western walls of the city, right outside. Just be careful—some Shards will be guarded by Watchers—so that they don’t interrupt you while you’re interacting with it. See the map below for more specific information.

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

Enhanced Air Dash Shard Location 2

Located south of the city, the Second Shard will be perched atop a towering collapsed structure. To get there, you’ll need to dashing skillfully, but it shouldn’t be too difficult in the end. Details are shown on our map below.

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

Enhanced Air Dash Shard Location 3

The third Shard will be situated in the southern area that was previously connected to the northern area by the western bridge. Instead, you must pass through the little island on the eastern side. You may access it from the north, and once you’re on it, it will be easy to slide down the south and head out to obtain the final Shard. To locate the last Shard, refer to the map below.

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

How to Upgrade Your Air Dash

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

After obtaining all three Enhanced Air Dash Shards, you can use an anvil to upgrade your gauntlet. To locate the closest Anvil, proceed to the address indicated above. Once there, you will have to elevate it.

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

Engage in conversation with Nyaal and interact with the Anvil. After then, engage with the Anvil once more to access the Anvil interface. Choose the Gauntlet Upgrades menu item.

Atlas Fallen - How to Get Enhanced Air Dash

Hold down the Upgrade button, which is the controller’s X button. This lets you dash twice!


Where is the refined raise piece in Atlas fallen?

The Shattered Keep Cathedral is home to the Enhanced Raised Piece.

Where is the odd hunter in Atlas Fallen?

In Monsalar: The Wildlands, the Odd Hunter will be in his own camp in the Southern Wastes.

Is Atlas Fallen a hunting game?

In heroic, super-powered battle, hunt legendary monsters and use your gauntlet’s ability to build lethal shape-shifting weapons.

What is the best armor in Atlas Fallen?

With the highest defensive rating in the game, the Perennial Mantle is an essential choice for players facing the toughest opponents and ultimate tasks the desert has to offer. By equipping Damage and Healing Essence Stones, players can further enhance this combination by raising their Offense and Shatter stats.

Who is the main character in Atlas Fallen?

With the player serving as the protagonist, Atlas Fallen gives players the freedom to create the hero they want to be in the game. People need to be freed after they were brought down by the gods’ failure to save humanity.