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How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft


Bees and honey were both added to Minecraft with the release of version 1.5, which also brought the update. This post will explain how to move a beehive in Minecraft using the instructions provided. Let’s get started:

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How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

In order to ensure that your beehives and the bees that reside in them are transported without incident, it is imperative that you pay careful attention to the following safety precautions and instructions:

1. If you want to proceed with the game after using an anvil, the first box needs to be filled with a pickaxe before you can do so.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

2. Put an enchantment in the second slot that gives you the silk touch ability, and then check it twice.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

3. At this point, you should put the enchanted Pickaxe into your inventory so that you can use it later.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

4. Construct a fire pit in close proximity to the beehive in which you plan to house the bees.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

5. During the time that you are working on the beehive, you should make use of the charmed Pickaxe.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft

6. Obtain the piece of the construction set that is labelled “Beehive.” You are now able to include it into your hot bar and position it in your garden or any other spot of your choosing. You also have the capability of doing so in any other location.

How to Move a Beehive in Minecraft


Can you move bee hives in Minecraft?

Bee nests and hives can be relocated by a player if they desire to relocate their bee home base to a better spot; however, they will be destroyed unless the player uses the silk touch enchantment to pick them up first. Players can move bee nests and hives by utilising the.

How do you move a beehive in Minecraft without silk touch?

Crafting Bee Hives is an alternative to using Silk Touch if you do not have that ability. However, in order to craft these, you will need three honeycombs, which may be obtained by cutting apart naturally spawning bee nests with a pair of shears.

How do you move a bees nest without killing them in Minecraft?

Cinnamon dust could be sprinkled all over the beehive once per day for a week as an alternative to using the garlic spray. The scent drives the bees to look for a new home in the surrounding area. You can also utilise other sugary items, such as fruits and beverages, in this experiment. Just position them at a distance of five metres from the nest.

Does a silk touch pickaxe work on beehives?

If you shatter a beehive or nest using a tool that has been enchanted with the Silk Touch enchantment, all of the bees will remain intact inside the structure, allowing you to relocate all of them at once.

What happens if you block the entrance to a bees nest?

Blocking up entry points will prevent non-target bees from entering and getting contaminated, as well as shorten the possibility of more bees reaching the same place in the future. This is true for both bumblebees and tree bees.