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How to Hip-Fire in Call Of Duty Mobile


It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to dominate on small levels or fulfil a variety of camo objectives for guns; hip-firing is an exceptionally powerful technique that every Call of Duty: Mobile player should have in their arsenal. In order to hip-fire in Call of Duty: Mobile, you will first need to adjust several settings, and then you will require the greatest attachments to achieve the highest level of accuracy. We have everything you require, including a few pointers and suggestions that will make hip-firing as efficient as it possibly can be.

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How to Hip-Fire in Call Of Duty Mobile

How to Hip-Fire in Call Of Duty Mobile

When playing Call of Duty: Mobile, you will need to switch to the Advanced control scheme before you can hip-fire. This will offer you the option to add a hip fire button to your screen, which is required in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 and beyond in order to perform the hip fire action.

In order to enable the hip button in Call of Duty Mobile:

How to Hip-Fire in Call Of Duty Mobile

  • Call of Duty: Mobile should be started up on your smartphone.
  • Open Settings
  • Click on the tab labelled “Controls”
  • Choose the game mode you want to change to, either Multiplayer, Battle Royale, or Zombies.
  • Choose the ‘Advanced Mode’ option.
  • To activate the “Hip Fire” box, click here.
  • Your primary firing button will now automatically be set to hip fire, while the secondary firing button, which is smaller, will be utilised for ADS fire.

Best hip-fire attachments in CoD: Mobile

How to Hip-Fire in Call Of Duty Mobile

When putting together a loadout for hip-fire, you should look for weapons that are both quick and accurate when fired from the hip. The Laser is the ideal accessory to utilize because it not only increases accuracy but also decreases the amount of time required to sprint to fire.


What hip fire means?

Attempting to shoot without gazing down the sights. When someone “hip fires,” they shoot without aiming down their sights. When players hip fire, their shots will have a lower accuracy, but this won’t matter too much if the target is in close proximity.

Why is it called hip firing?

The term “hip firing” refers to shooting without aiming down the sights of the weapon. When you fire from the hip, the accuracy of your shots will suffer, but when you are in close proximity to your target, this won’t matter as much.

Is hip fire better than ADS?

When it comes to accuracy, firing from an elevated aiming position (ADS) is almost always superior to firing from the hip. When doing damage at a distance, using your sights to aim down the barrel is nearly vital. This is especially true when the adversary is several hundred feet away from where you are on the map.

What is ADS and hip in COD Mobile?

If a player selects ADS for their submachine gun or rifle, then they will aim down sights whenever the aim button is held down during gameplay. In contrast, if a player selects HIP, the game will automatically zoom in from the player’s hip whenever they hold down the aim button.

What does ADS mean in cod?

Put your sights down low.
Let’s get started: Lingo used in the video game “Call of Duty.” Aim down sights, abbreviated as “ADS.” When you push the aim button, this happens; doing so narrows the spread of the weapon’s fire, allowing for more accurate shots.