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How to Mute a Conversation in Your Gmail


Gmail makes it very simple to ignore a conversation by immediately archiving it and giving it the label “mute.” This means that you will no longer be alerted of any messages related to the ignored chat. This places the current conversation, along with any future replies exchanged inside that thread, into the All Mail folder. The emails will not appear in your Inbox folder; instead, they will only be accessible through All Mail or through a search for the message itself. The steps to muting a conversation in Gmail are as follows:

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How to Mute Conversation in Your Gmail

To silence a conversation, first open the message you wish to ignore and then pick Mute from the menu that appears after the three dots. The topic will thereafter be disregarded going forward as a result of this action.

How to Mute a Conversation in Your Gmail

How to Unmute Gmail Conversations

All Mail receives copies of messages that have had their volume reduced. You must first locate them in order to unmute them, and you can choose from the following options:

  • Looking in All Mail.
  • carrying out a search for the message utilizing parameters such as the content contained within the message, the sender’s email address, the subject of the message, and other such items as appropriate.
  • You can look for it by entering “is:muted” into the search box at the top of the page.

After that, you can unmute a conversation by following these steps:

1. To accomplish this, start the conversation that contains the message you want to unmute.

2. If you select “More” > “More” Unmute from the menu, the thread will no longer be muted.

How to Mute a Conversation in Your Gmail

3. One other choice available is to deselect the Muted checkbox by clicking the X in that box.

How to Mute a Conversation in Your Gmail

To unmute many emails at once, go to the list of emails that are currently muted, pick the emails that you wish to unmute, and then click the More menu item and select Unmute from the drop-down menu that appears.

You have the option of dragging and dropping an email that has recently been unmuted into the Inbox or another folder, or you may utilize the Move to option instead (look for the folder icon).

How to Mute a Conversation in Your Gmail


What is the difference between Archive vs Mute?

Even while a message that you archive will be transferred to the All Mail folder, which will help you keep your Inbox more organised, any replies that are sent to you through that discussion will still be delivered to your Inbox. Archiving a message will not remove it from the conversation.

When a message is muted, it will still be delivered to the All Mail folder; however, responses to the muted message will be ignored and will not appear in the Inbox. You will need to manually search for muted emails and keep a close eye on them if you want to keep up with the most recent responses.

Because of this, the Mute feature is very helpful; it enables you to disregard messages without needing you to delete the emails or add the senders to a blacklist. This makes the Mute feature a highly valuable tool.

When I mute myself on Google Meet, will anyone be able to tell?

Yes. In Google Meet, if you silence yourself, the button that controls your mute setting will turn red and have a line across it.