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How to Obtain and Use Hearts in Roblox Blox Fruits


Although though Valentine’s Day has passed, Roblox Blox Fruits is keeping the spirit of love alive by hosting the Valentine Update’s Love Event. During this time, explorers will have the opportunity to earn Hearts, which can then be redeemed for unique gifts. You can now collect Hearts as a new form of event currency, which can then be traded in for limited-time Boosts, Fruits, or even uncommon Accessory like Heart Shades. As of the month of February 2023, we have not been provided with any information regarding the length of time that this event will last. As a result, if you want to get uncommon rarities, Boosts that do not cost Robux, or Fruits that are difficult to acquire, you should begin cultivating Hearts as soon as you can after logging in to the game. The following is a guide on how to acquire hearts in the Roblox Blox Fruits game. So let’s get started:

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How to Obtain and Use Hearts in Roblox Blox Fruits

In order to obtain Hearts in Roblox Blox Fruits, you will need to kill opponents that may be found in the many different areas of the Ocean. There is no correlation between the level of your opponent and the extremely low chance that they will drop hearts. To be more exact, the rate at which hearts are lost will stay the same regardless of whether you are engaged in combat with Desert Bandits in the Desert or Galley Captains on Fountain Island. On the other hand, if you make friends with up to three other players on the same server, you will have a slightly increased chance of receiving a heart drop when playing Blox Fruits.

How to Obtain and Use Hearts in Roblox Blox Fruits

Even while the percentage gain is not particularly large, it will make a difference if you want to farm for a significant amount of time. Visit the Valentine Store NPC seller in the fountain plaza of Middle Town of the First Sea if you have gathered a few dozens or a hundred Hearts via playing Roblox Blox Fruits. You can find this vendor in the middle of the town. This NPC may be found close to the Weapon Dealer, who is responsible for selling beginning-level ranged weapons.

How to Obtain and Use Hearts in Roblox Blox Fruits

The Valentine Shop will provide a wide selection of goods, with the selection changing each hour. For instance, we noticed that the vendor was asking more than a thousand Hearts for a character aura that was purple in colour. On the other hand, this item and a few others, along with several more, were changed the following day in Roblox to Boosts and mid-tier Fruits. Consequently, if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on any unique or difficult-to-obtain things, we advise making frequent trips to the Valentine Shop.


What is the secret in Blox fruits?

Secret Message in the Awakening Room If you go to the right pillar in the Awakening Room, you will see that there is a message there that says “Life form.” It is very faint, but it is there. It was a piece of the puzzle that needed to be solved in order to open the Monochrome Dark Blade, also known as the Chess Dark Blade or by its other name, the Slayer Dark Blade.

What happens if you tell the remove blox fruit NPC to shut up?

It is highly likely that the Remove Blox fruit guy will become insulted if you advise him to be quiet and will stop talking to you as a result. It is considered quite impolite and insulting to tell another person to be quiet, and it is also not a very kind thing to do.

How do you get rainbow Haki?

In Blox Fruits, obtaining Rainbow Haki requires completing a unique mission that may be obtained from Horned Man. On the Floating Turtle island, the Horned Man will be perched atop the tree that is the tallest in the area. When you engage in conversation with him, he will request that you dismiss five managers who are causing him trouble.

What happens if you hack in Blox fruits?

Conversation. WARNING: New detections to catch exploiters are added with each upgrade to Blox Piece. This indicates that if you intend to exploit in our game, you will, at some point, be discovered. If you persist in exposing yourself to the possibility of being exploited, you will have your account permanently deleted, and we will not consider your appeal.

Is dragon fruit good for grinding Blox fruits?

Yet, despite the fact that it has excellent potential for PvP, it is not the best for grinding. You should therefore reserve its use solely for the purpose of engaging in combat with other players and for actions such as acquiring Bounties. The Dragon Fruit is the most expensive one to purchase from the Blox Fruit Dealer; in order to do it, you will need 3,500,000 Beli or 2,600 Robux.