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Destiny 2

How to Obtain Explosive Personality in Destiny 2


In Destiny 2, an Energy Grenade Launcher called Explosive Personality can be acquired. Thanks to huge Perk pool, this pistol performs well in both PvP and PvE content. The Wave Frame Grenade Launcher that Explosive Personality is also has the advantage of being quite simple to employ in battle. This particular intrinsic trait is sought for since the weapon emits a destructive wave rather than a typical explosion. Although not everyone possesses the explosive personality, it is actually as strong as it is portrayed to be. Both PVE and PVP will benefit from this weapon. How to acquire an explosive personality in Destiny 2 is described in this article. So let’s get going:

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How to Obtain Explosive Personality in Destiny 2

Season of the Risen marked the debut of the potent grenade launcher known as Explosive Personality. Although it will be effective in both PVP and PVE, we advise using it in PVE because it excels there. The bad news is that there aren’t as many methods to purchase this rifle now that it’s been released. Nevertheless, there are a number of ways to get it in Season of the Deep, as you will see below.

How to Obtain Explosive Personality in Destiny 2

Buying Explosive Personality from NPCs

Visit NPCs Banshee-44 and Xur for the fastest and most reliable way to get outdated weaponry from previous seasons. You can purchase Explosive Personality from either of these dealers, but don’t expect it any time soon. These NPCs have a wide range of items in their inventory that fluctuate daily. You can locate each of them at the following locations and times:

How to Obtain Explosive Personality in Destiny 2

  • Banshee-44: You must go to the Tower to locate this dealer. This NPC offers a variety of products, some of which change everyday. The weekly choice alternates every Tuesday at a new hour.
  • Xur: As for Xur, he moves around each week to wait for players in various places rather than waiting in one spot. This NPC’s inventory is updated every Friday, and you can frequently find him in The Tower Hangar, The Winding Cove, or close to Watcher’s Grave on Nessus. But keep in mind that Xur is only available from Friday to Tuesday, and on his other days off, he’s probably searching for new goods to market.


Is explosive personality good?

Since Explosive Personality provides so many wonderful advantages, it’s fun to experiment with different pairings. Both Stats for All/One for All and Feeding Frenzy/Frenzy make for strong pairings.

How do you get fixed odds in Destiny 2?

Fixed Odds are available in the Duality dungeon. This item is a drop from the last boss battle. Remember that this gun may not be dropped at the conclusion of this section.

What is the hardest gun to get in Destiny 2?

Redrix’s Claymore is a rather ruthless death dealer, to put it briefly. The most challenging weapon in Destiny 2 to obtain is Redrix’s Claymore. But because it’s so difficult to get, it’s relatively uncommon. You must compete in Crucible at the “Fabled” Glory rank to obtain it.

What is the most broken gun in Destiny 2?

You will be familiar with Telesto if you have ever played Destiny. Due to its exploding purple missiles, this exotic weapon is a fan favorite. It is also infamous for frequently being bugged.

What are the most difficult Lost Sectors in Destiny 2?

The K1 Crew Quarters on the Moon should be the only Lost Sector you visit. On Master mode, you will face dozens of Sniper Shanks who can one-shot low-level players and overlapping Champions in this harsh Lost Sector.