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How To Program A Samsung Remote To A DVD Player


Configure your Samsung TV’s universal remote control to operate your DVD player. Follow these simple instructions. The following instructions will guide you through the process of programming the SAMSUNG TV remote to control a DVD player.

Have a new Samsung remote control and are looking for instructions on how to sync it with a DVD player? You have arrived at the correct website. It is necessary to sync the two devices in order for you to utilize your Samsung remote to operate with and programme your DVD player. The method of synchronizing your Samsung Remote with your DVD player is not as difficult as it appears at first glance. An in-depth explanation of how to programme a Samsung remote control can be found at the end of this post.

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How To Program A Samsung Remote To A DVD Player

1. Shut down your DVD player completely.

2. Second, press the Mode button on your remote control in order to switch the remote into DVD mode. (Your remote control may include a row of component buttons at the top labelled DVD at the top of the screen. If this is the case, select the device you wish to programme by pressing the button on its control panel.

3. On the remote control, press the Set button three times.

4. Input the three-digit DVD player code found in the user manual for your television. For codes with only one or two digits, you must convert them to three-digit codes by placing zeros before the first and last numbers in the code. For example, if the code is 7, you would input the number 007.

5. Use the remote control’s Power button to turn on the computer. It is necessary to turn on the DVD player.

6.  After you have completed the setup of your universal remote control, hit the Mode button on the remote to switch it to the proper mode, or press the appropriate component button (DVD) to enable you to use it to control your DVD player. If you require remote control codes, please see this page for 3 digit remote codes.



Can I use my Samsung TV remote for my DVD player?

Instead of fumbling about with the remote that came with your Samsung TV, you can just use it to control the television. A range of devices, including cable or satellite boxes, home theatre systems, and Blu-ray players, can be controlled through the universal remote feature.

Can I use my TV remote for my DVD player?

Make use of the remote control from your television set as a substitute. It is possible to use the built-in capability HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Manage) to control your DVD player from the remote control that comes with your television if both your DVD player and television are relatively young and linked through an HDMI connection.

Can I use my phone as a DVD remote?

Yes, in a nutshell, is the answer. You’ll need to download an app and purchase a few pieces of equipment, but utilizing your phone as a universal remote is no longer a pipe dream in the world of high-tech gadgets. Infrared (IR) signals are used by televisions, DVD players, cable boxes, and stereos to determine when to do tasks such as changing the channel or playing a DVD.