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How to Only See Threads from People you Follow


The social networking platform Threads has arrived, but if you’ve downloaded the app and are wondering why your feed is filled with posts from strangers, don’t worry. However, there are significant functional and feature differences between Threads and Twitter. One of the biggest omissions is the lack of a “following” timeline, which allows you only to see content from people you follow instead of an algorithm-based feed that shows threads from people you do not know. The problem is that there is no authorized mechanism to alter your timeline settings as of this writing. Although it is not yet available, Threads engineers have confirmed on the platform that it will be added later. You can learn how to limit your view of Threads to those from people you follow in this post. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

1. Tap the icon that resembles a human in the bottom right corner of the Threads app when opening it.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

2. To launch Settings, tap the two lines in the top right corner of the screen.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

3. The following step is to tap Notifications.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

4. Tap Threads and Answers next.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

5. Here, you can change various options for Likes, Replies, Mentions, Reports, Quotes, and First Threads. To select From people you know, you must press each of these.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

6. When you return to your feed by tapping the Home icon, you should see that it only displays postings from the Threads users you have chosen to follow.

How to Only See Threads from People you Follow

7. To change things back, repeat the process and choose Everyone.


What is the thread app?

Use Instagram’s text-based chat app, Threads, to express yourself more. Communities can debate anything on Threads, from the subjects you care about today to what will be popular tomorrow.

Are threads just Twitter?

Unlike Twitter, Threads doesn’t appear to employ hashtags and doesn’t have a search function where users can look for particular words or phrases. In addition, users can publish up to 10 photos at a time, the same as Instagram’s restriction, as opposed to Twitter’s four-photo limit.

How do threads work on Instagram?

With your Instagram “close friends” list, you may exchange images, videos, messages, and tales using Threads and have complete control over who can see them. The program has three sections: Status Screen, Inbox, and Camera.

How do you go viral on threads?

Create compelling content, take advantage of popular hashtags and themes, interact with the community, be consistent, and market your Threads profile if you want your posts to go viral on the platform.

Do you need an Instagram account for threads?

Currently, not everyone can access Threads. You must log in with your Instagram account to establish a Threads profile. You can open an Instagram account if you don’t already have one. You can establish a separate profile on Threads for each Instagram account you own.

How do I find unknown threads?

The nominal diameter and pitch of a thread can be easily determined with a calliper and pitch gauge. The findings should then be compared to thread standard charts.