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How to Open Map in Elden Ring


Elden Ring is an open-world game, hence geography is an important component of the gameplay. You will also be able to mark locations of interest, keep track of where you need to go, locate non-playable characters, and quickly move between sites of grace that you have already slept at. When players are finally allowed to venture out into this massive open world, there are a few things they need be familiar with before they do so. The use of your map to navigate the areas is one of these things to do. This article will explain how to quickly navigate around the Elden Ring and how to open the maps:

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How to Open Map in Elden Ring

If you are using a PC, you need to click the G key to open the map; if you are using Xbox, you need to press the view button situated in the middle of the controller; and if you are using PlayStation, you need to use the select button; however, if you are using a keyboard, you need to use the W, A, S, and D keys to navigate the map.

How to Open Map in Elden Ring

In order to move through the world quickly, you will need to find areas of grace. As can be seen in the image that follows, the position of the site of grace can be found on the map in one of three different spots.

How to Open Map in Elden Ring

You need to locate the site of grace and engage with it before you can learn anything about it. When you interact with it, as depicted in the image that follows, a message that says “Lost Grace Discovered” will appear on your screen.

How to Open Map in Elden Ring

You will need to press the event action button after moving your cursor to the area you want to quickly go to in order to activate the fast travel feature. You will know that you will be able to fast travel to the destination that you select from the map once you click the OK button that appears on the new message that appears on your screen. This action is depicted in the image that follows this paragraph.

How to Open Map in Elden Ring

You are unable to use fast travel to move to another area while you are within the cave.


Can you teleport in Elden Ring?

There are numerous teleporters in Elden Ring, and they range from waygates and trap chests to some more unusual means. The Lands Between, a game created by Elden Ring, is enormous, with vast open spaces, underground caves that formerly housed towns, and other features.

Does Elden Ring save when you fast travel?

If you want to start an autosave quickly, one of the simplest methods to do so is to either sit at a lost grace site while you are traveling or to quickly travel to one. For the same reason, passing away will normally result in a save being created.

How much does fast traveling cost in Elden Ring?

Since there is no cost associated with using fast travel, the player can utilize it as frequently or infrequently as they see fit in order to thoroughly explore the Lands Between without the need to move around physically from one spot to another.

Do you lose runes when fast traveling?

There is a new feature in FromSoftware games called “fast traveling from your map,” and Elden Ring offers a few guidelines for using this tool that are simple but easy to forget. Because you can’t open your map while you’re in fight, you also can’t fast travel while you’re in conflict. The one item that can take you back to a Site of Grace while you’re in combat, however, will consume all of your runes if you use it.

Why can’t I fast travel after Radahn?

After the boss encounter, a new site of grace called “Starscourge Radahn” would normally spawn in the area where Radahn is located (Wailing Dunes). The rapid travel feature is then disabled, and the player must return to the grace they just left in order for the fast travel feature to become available again. It seems as though you are unable to escape this position in which you are required to find grace in which to relax.