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How to Open Your Inventory in Apex Legends on PS4


Because Apex Legends is a looter shooter that is built on the Battle Royale mode, it necessitates a significant amount of inventory administration. However, even though shifting weapons is one of the first things you’ll learn in this game, it isn’t enough to complete the mission. After a while, your inventory will be completely depleted, and you will be unable to select any new goods that you come across.

The fact that you can access your inventory is critical since some of those products may be all that you require depending on the situation. This article will demonstrate how to access and manage your inventory on the PlayStation 4.

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Apex Legends: Opening Your Inventory on PS4

The process of accessing your inventory/backpack in Apex Legends is extremely straightforward. It can be accomplished with a single button press. The button, on the other hand, varies from platform to platform.

To access your inventory on the PlayStation 4 gaming console, you simply need to press the Options button. The inventory page will show when you’ve selected Options from the menu. You’ll be able to see all of the stuff that you currently have in your inventory from that point on.

After a number of matches, you will become accustomed to accessing your inventory in this manner.

Using the same button will not work if you are playing Apex Legends on a PC or Xbox One in the future. In order to access your inventory on a PC, you must first use the Tab key on your keyboard. The Menu button on the Xbox One would be the appropriate button to use.

Apex Legends: Managing Your Inventory on PS4

The ability to effectively manage your inventory is almost crucial in Apex Legends. Consider the scenario in which your buddy is unable to obtain a specific sort of ammunition. If you happen to have any extra ammo lying around, you’d probably want to share it with others. If, on the other hand, your backpack is already full and you stumble upon a grenade that you desire, you will have to create room for it by removing something else.

In either case, you’ve realized how valuable and crucial it is to keep track of your inventory. Apex Legend’s developers have undoubtedly taken this into consideration, since they’ve made it quite simple for players to dump, exchange, and store various items in their inventories.

To remove a specific item from your PS4 backpack, you’ll first need to open your inventory by pressing Options and selecting Inventory. Hover your cursor over the item you wish to remove from your inventory while the inventory screen is open. The prompt for dropping items will show each time you hover your cursor over an item, which you will notice right away! You will be given the choice to drop the item that you have been hovering on when the prompt appears.

On the PlayStation 4, press X to drop one item at a time. To dump them all at once, you’ll need to press the Square button on your keyboard.

Following the completion of the X or Square button press, you will notice your object appear in front of you on the ground. Unfortunately, dropped items will not be instantly transferred to your teammate’s inventory when they are accidentally dropped. An opponent player that is in close proximity to you has the ability to pick up your dropped item.

If your goal is to share an item with a colleague, make sure that they are in close proximity to your location. In order to dump an item on a computer, you must hit the left mouse button rather than the X button. To access Xbox One, press the A button.

Beyond the foundations, you should be familiar with the items that you have in your inventory in order to avoid confusion. That will allow you to manage stuff much more quickly, which is important in Apex Legends because treasure may be really valuable.

Like all Battle Royale games, there is an item hierarchy that you should know. It goes like this:

  1. Legendary Loot – marked as gold
  2. Epic Loot – purple
  3. Rare Loot – blue
  4. Common Loot – gray

Use this hierarchy to better manage items in your inventory. As you can see, legendary loot is the best type that you can find in Apex Legends. It will grant you the most power or benefits and help you fight better against enemies.

Therefore, if you have a blue rifle in your inventory and come across a purple or gold one, you should definitely exchange it. The same rules apply to weapon attachments.