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How to Pick Awesome Gifts for Gamers


The most ardent gamers are those who admire retro games like Super Mario 64 whilst keen to play the latest games making the best use of the technology available today. Enjoying the chaos of a Fortnite battle royale at a gaming convention whilst researching possible upgrades to gaming equipment means that gaming is under the skin of those who have earned the title of gamer.

You will have had or overheard a conversation in which a gamer will have mentioned a game, accessory or upgrade they would like. When it comes to anniversary gifts, you want to pick something awesome for your spouse, so be sure to listen to what they say or glance at the gaming magazine articles they are reading for clues about what has their interest right now, from new or forthcoming PC games, as well as gaming accessories and gear.

Go retro

The perfect gifts for those who have grown up with gaming since the 1980s or who are fascinated by this era. There are gift ideas that suit every budget here:

Nintendo Entertainment system

If you are buying a gift for someone who grew up with gaming in the 1980s, you could go retro with Nintendo’s re-released NES Classic Edition Entertainment System which is not just being nostalgic but includes Super Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy. If you want an original rather than a re-release, your best chance is likely to be on an online auction site since these are now rare.


Some companies are releasing original video game soundtracks from the past. These are colourful vinyl with fantastic cover art that would look fabulous framed in the gaming space.

Arcade gaming

An arcade cabinet in your own home would be the dream of many gamers. If you do not have enough space for a small cabinet that offers hours of vintage Street Fighter fun, consider a retro arcade gaming system that is a handheld device at about one-tenth the cost of the full-size version, yet has 200 games preloaded.

Game Boy style AirPods case

A fun gift for the gamer who has everything is an AirPods Pro case inspired by the Game Boy to create a safe place to protect the expensive AirPods Pro which could also go on your potential gift list to a gamer.

Gaming gear

Every gamer has a piece of kit that needs an upgrade. Depending on the occasion and your budget, you could splash out on a range of products, from T-shirts promoting their favourite games to gear that will make gaming more fun.

Gaming chair

Show your support for their passion with a new gaming chair that not only offers comfort for hours of play but also has built-in speakers on both sides to create a fully immersed gaming experience.

Gaming headset

A competitive gamer will want a gaming headset and the quality of this will depend not only on your budget but on how much of an audiophile they are or how new they are to gaming.

Virtual Reality Headset

If you want to go one step further than a gaming headset, an all-in-one VR headset is a perfect way to enjoy VR gaming without extra hardware.  Some headset can also stream Netflix, so look out for this if it is important to them.


Gaming T-shirt

Every gamer will have their favourite game.  Search out the best T-shirt for this game and have this as your gift. Gamers appreciate an understanding that gaming is important even when they are not playing are grateful that you accept their passion for it.

Game streaming capture card

An HD game streaming capture card is a gift that encourages gamers to take play to the next level by making a living playing video games.  The card allows players to play live with their skills recorded in full HD to anyone in the world who is online and signed up.

Pokémon cards

If your gamer used to trade Pokemon cards, get them out of the attic and see if they have any value. There are some cards worth thousands and a collection from the 1990s could now pay a deposit on a house.

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