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How to Ping Ammo in Apex Legends


Battle royale first-person shooter video game developed by EA Games and available for free online play. It sets three different teams of players against one another in competition. Having said that, you and your teammates need to have a strategy that is well coordinated with one another. You can “ping” your colleagues to let them know where the adversaries, ammo, and weapons are located, just as in other first-person shooter games. But because this feature is not explained in great detail, many gamers are perplexed by it. Because Apex Legends forces players into teams of three, it is essential to communicate with your teammates, whether you are playing with friends or with complete strangers. You will learn how to ping ammo in Apex Legends by reading the information contained in this article. So let’s get started:

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How to Ping Ammo in Apex Legends

Simply aim your reticle upon the ammunition or weapons you want to ping to your teammates, then press the keybinding assigned to the default action. When prompted by your ping menu, select one of the available messages to communicate with your teammates.

The following is a list of the default keybindings for ping across several platforms:

  • PC: To open your ping menu, press the scroll button or the mouse wheel button on your mouse.
  • PS4: To ping your guns and ammunition, press the R1 button.
  • Xbox One: Press the RB button to access your ping menu.

How to Ping Ammo in Apex Legends

You can also select from a wide variety of messages to send to your teammates. You are not only able to ping your teammates for ammunition and weaponry, but you can also ask them for these items directly. Additionally, you can send the locations of your adversaries. To pick them, all you have to do is access the ping menu on your device. Here is a list of all the available callouts for you to choose from:

  • Someone’s Been there
  • Watching Here
  • Defending this Area
  • Going here
  • Attacking here
  • Looting this Area
  • Enemy
  • Go or Ping the location

If you want to ping a spot that you believe your team should march towards, all you have to do is aim in that direction and hit R1, RB, and the middle mouse button once again. If you prefer, you can just double-tap those buttons to ping an opponent’s location in Apex Legends.

There is also the possibility of bringing up the Ping wheel. This gives you the ability to choose from a number of different callouts that could be beneficial to your squad. Simply press and hold R1 or RB, then use the right analogue stick to pick the callout you wish to make before letting go of the button again. This will accomplish the desired result.

How to Ping Ammo in Apex Legends


What is ping in Apex legend?

Pings are a form of callout that allows teams to communicate with one another without the necessity for voice or text communication. They cover a wide range of tasks, including but not limited to marking foes, announcing loot, claiming “dibs” on stated loot, alerting teammates where you are headed, and many more.

What ping is best for Apex?

In Apex Legends, lag can also be caused by having a high ping. Additionally, it may cause your game to get disconnected. To determine whether or not your ping falls within the permitted range, you might utilize a cost-free tool such as a ping test. In a perfect world, the ping time would be less than 120 milliseconds (ms).

Is 80 ping good in Apex?

Ping times in the range of 40 to 50 milliseconds are considered to be outstanding, ping times in the range of 80 to 120 milliseconds are considered to be quite good, and ping times in excess of 150 milliseconds are considered to be excessive.

What is the max FPS limit Apex?

Your overall gaming experience on a personal computer can be significantly improved if you are able to keep your frame rate above 144 without dropping below the maximum. In this guide, we will cover all you need to know to keep your frame rate at its maximum in Apex Legends. If you are playing Apex Legends on a personal computer (PC), you may have noticed that the frame rate is locked at 144, despite the fact that the vast majority of PCs are capable of pushing out significantly more.

Is a 2.0 KD good in Apex?

Any kill-to-death ratio in Apex Legends that is higher than 2.0 is considered to be very good because it is far better than the average and indicates that you are likely an experienced player.