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How to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft


A new mystery is beginning to take shape deep within the world of Minecraft, and unraveling it will need us to travel through the ages. That’s right; we’re talking about the long-awaited archaeology upgrade, which is now available in the latest version of Minecraft (1.20). In the most recent update for Trails and Tales, players can unearth Suspicious Sand in addition to the newly added bamboo and cherry wooden blocks. However, these things have a similar appearance to the regular equivalents, making it difficult to pinpoint where they are located. This post will walk you through locating questionable sand in Minecraft. So let’s get started:

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How to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft

The following locations inside Minecraft may have Sand blocks with questionable provenance:

  • Desert Temples
  • Desert Wells
  • Warm Ocean Ruins

As previously said, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the sand and the Suspicious kind. As a result, you can utilize this side-by-side comparison to observe the differences in the textures of the two (Suspicious Sand is on the left):

How to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft

Be sure to keep an eye out for these particular aspects, as the Suspicious Sand variant has a more significant number of distinguishing characteristics than the standard version. Using the new brush tool, you can start your archaeology adventures now that you know what you should be looking for in the first place. After removing a few sand blocks from the pyramid’s interior, we could locate the block we were looking for in a Desert Temple.

How to Find Suspicious Sand in Minecraft

Players can also find the blocks within Desert Wells, most of the time floating in the water. This is one of the alternative options. You can also swim to the Warm Ocean Ruins to find the Suspicious Sand. This is where you can use Water Breathing Potions, the Conduit, or a Turtle Helmet to extend the time you spend underwater. In addition, players can place Suspicious blocks in Creative mode; however, doing so will not produce any precious items within the block, such as diamonds, pottery shards, or emeralds.


Where do you find suspicious gravel in Minecraft?

Gravel that appears to be of dubious origin can be discovered in Minecraft’s cold-temperature ocean ruins structures and the trail ruins structures added in the 1.20 update. When you brush the suspicious gravel, the hidden loot will become visible, and the block will revert to its normal state as gravel.

What is the rarest underground biome in Minecraft?

Fields of Mushrooms

The mushroom field is a very uncommon type of biome in the game. A solitary island in the midst of nowhere serves as the location of this isolated biome. With the exception of Mooshroom cows, it does not generate any hostile mobs, farm mobs, or even neutral mobs.

What is in a jungle temple in Minecraft?

The Puzzle Hall and the Trap Hall are located on the first floor of a Jungle Temple, which has three floors to explore. Ingots, Bamboo, Diamonds, Emeralds, and Horse Armor can be stored in the Chests in each room of the inn.

What is the luckiest seed in Minecraft?

The following are the best Minecraft seeds:

Bamboo and lava are the two. Outpost is located in the Mangrove Swamp. The Temple in the Bamboo Jungle. Coastal Village.

What is in the seed 666 in Minecraft?

It is said that the seed 666 in Minecraft is cursed and affiliated with the Devil himself. Because I was slightly worried, I didn’t get into the game with always day and creativity until yesterday. I’ve heard that gamers develop new phobias after playing in the world and become more paranoid than before. This is something that didn’t happen to me.

What is seed 12345 in Minecraft?

Seed: 12345

As soon as the player steps foot in this world, they will become aware of many really bizarre biomes. Sand blankets the whole planet, and pockets of forest and grassland can be found here and there throughout its surface.