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How to Play Music on Twitch


There are many different ways to play background music on a Twitch stream. If your stream is configured to transmit the same audio output you hear through your headphones, you can simply launch a YouTube video or a music player like Spotify, start playing a song, and it will play on your stream. If you’re streaming from a console, you may complete the same operation by opening an app like Spotify, listening to a song, and then returning to your game. How to stream music on Twitch is described in this article.

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How to Play Music on Twitch

If you use broadcasting software such as OBS, you may also use an application such as Spotify as a source, and then add that to the scene that you have set up in OBS. This operates in a manner quite similar to adding a game to OBS; but, if you so choose, you can superimpose a mini-player for Spotify over top of your game.

The following steps will walk you through adding Spotify to your Twitch stream using OBS:

1. To add a new source, open OBS and select the plus sign.

How to Play Music on Twitch

2. Select Window Capture from the menu.

How to Play Music on Twitch

3. After you have changed the name of the window to Spotify or another name that is easy to recall, click the OK button.

How to Play Music on Twitch

4. Select Spotify.exe by clicking the window source selection box and choosing it there.

How to Play Music on Twitch

5. To adjust the size of the Spotify window, you must first click and drag the red outline.

How to Play Music on Twitch

6. To trim the Spotify window, press and hold the Alt key, then click and drag the outline of the window.

How to Play Music on Twitch

7. Click the left button on your mouse to release the window once you’ve trimmed it to your satisfaction on Spotify.

8. Simply position the Spotify window where you want it to appear on the screen by clicking and dragging it, and you’re good to go.


Can I play Spotify on Twitch?

Jerk has refreshed the terms of purpose for music content that doesn’t have a place with the channel’s creator. The streaming stage will start effectively upholding the Copyright Management Act. Jerk is currently restricted from playing tracks from music web-based features like Spotify.

What songs can I play on Twitch?

Music You’re Allowed to Use in Twitch Streams

Essentially, you can utilize any music you own or have a permit to use during your Twitch streams. Having a permit to play music for your own pleasure (for instance, a Spotify account) doesn’t mean you have a permit to communicate that music on your stream.

Can I be shirtless on Twitch?

Decorations are NOT permitted to stream shirtless on Twitch; nonetheless, Twitch makes special cases for decorations who are gushing at sea shores, celebrations, shows, body painting or who are swimming.

Can I swear on Twitch?

You are permitted to revile on Twitch, yet any language coordinated towards a person that is savage, physically improper, derisive or intended to disturb is completely restricted and may get you eliminated from the stage. In the event that you truly do revile a ton while streaming make certain to stamp you stream as “mature substance.”