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How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile


Did you know that Discord includes a mode specifically designed for developers? You did indeed read that correctly. Developer mode in Discord grants you access to additional capabilities, such as the ability to view the channel IDs of servers, channels, and messages. Follow the instructions below to enable developer mode on Discord on both your Android and iOS devices, whether you are a bot creator or simply someone who is interested in finding out more about what the functionality is all about. So let’s get started:

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How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile

1. On your mobile device, launch the Discord app, and then select the profile icon located on the app’s bottom navigation bar. Now, within the app’s settings, select the “Behavior” option.

How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile

2. On the following page, activate the “Developer Mode” toggle. The end, as they say. You have been successful in activating developer mode on your mobile application for Discord.

How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile

3. Since you have now enabled developer mode, you are able to view the IDs of the various channels and messages.

How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile

4. The ID of a Discord channel may be viewed by simply holding down on the channel’s name for a few seconds and selecting “Copy ID” from the context-sensitive menu that appears.

How to Turn On Developer Mode on Discord on Mobile


Is NSFW OK on Discord?

We strongly advise you to activate the explicit media content filter within your privacy settings if you are under the age of 18 or if you do not wish to be exposed to content that is forbidden based on your age on Discord. Choose ‘Keep me secure’ under the Safe Direct Messaging section of your User Settings after clicking on the Privacy & Safety option.

How do I make a Discord Server 18+?

You’ll find the ability to set an age restriction for the channel within the edit channel overview tab of the channel’s settings. Simply select that menu item, and you’ll be ready to go!

Why did iOS block NSFW servers?

It’s possible that Apple’s guidelines for the App Store were the impetus behind the initial strategy, which consisted of blocking all NSFW-labeled servers on iOS. The tech giant does not let applications in which nudity is the primary emphasis but does permit “incidental” information.

Is NSFW blocked on iOS?

The restriction used to apply to any server that dealt with explicit pornography or any other NSFW subject matter; however, it was recently changed so that it only applies to servers that specialise in explicit pornography. Individual channels will still be viewable, but anything that is not appropriate for viewers under a certain age will be blocked.

Do parents use Discord?

Each month, more than 150 million people use Discord; if you are a parent, the likelihood that your children are among those users is very high.

Is BetterDiscord an app?

Plugins. Right out of the box, BetterDiscord comes with a plugin loader as well as an API (application programming interface) for plugins. The addition of plugins, which JavaScript makes possible, can enhance not only the functionality of the app but also the experience it provides to its users.