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How to Post on LinkedIn on Your Computer


With all other factors held constant, members of LinkedIn, the world’s largest expert informal community, can share work listings, articles, and posts with one another. This includes presidents, architects, chiefs, craftspeople, and specialists (however, there are a few things you ought to try not to share on LinkedIn).

Posting on LinkedIn is a straightforward process that should take no more than a few basic steps, regardless of whether you want to share an inspiring quote, a tale about an unusual working environment, or an article you’ve recently read.

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How to Post on LinkedIn on Your Computer

1. Launch the web browser of your choice.

2. Go to

3. Find where it reads “Start a Post” near the top of the page, close to a symbol of a pencil next to a notepad. This will allow you to begin a new discussion. Simply click on it. You have the option of clicking the matching icons either at this stage or the one that comes after it if you have a photo, video, or document that you would want to share.

How to Post on LinkedIn on Your Computer

4. Start typing your post; you can include a link by pasting it into the post itself, as well as a photo, video, or document by clicking on the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Clicking the dropdown menu at the top where it reads “Anyone” will lead you to the settings where you may pick who sees your post. This step should be performed once you have completed the composition of your post. Tap the “Post” button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen if the settings for sharing are to your liking.

How to Post on LinkedIn on Your Computer

6. If you have already selected on the sharing settings, select the audience that you would like to see this post shared with. You have the option of making it public, posting it on your connected social media platforms, or sharing it solely with your connections.

How to Post on LinkedIn on Your Computer

7. Click the “Done” button in the lower right-hand corner once you have determined who will see your message and everything else appears to be in order.


How do you send a message in LinkedIn?

Proceed to the profile page of the relationship you have. Select the MESSAGE button that is located underneath their profile picture. In the space designated for “Write a message,” type out your message. Tap the icon labelled Send.

Why can’t I share LinkedIn Post?

When using Facebook, you can make a post on the page associated with your company, and then, by clicking the “share” button that appears underneath your post, you can make the post visible on your personal Facebook account. It would appear that you are unable to share a post that was created by your company page as LinkedIn has removed the opportunity to do so from company pages.

Is messaging on LinkedIn private?

Messages sent and received on LinkedIn are completely confidential between the sender and the recipient.

How much does LinkedIn cost to post?

What is the going rate for advertising a job opening on LinkedIn? No of where they stand in the employment process, employers and employees alike can benefit from the networking opportunities provided by LinkedIn. The cost of posting a job ad on LinkedIn is $495 for a listing that is active for 30 days.

Does anyone really use LinkedIn?

At this time, LinkedIn has over 58 million registered companies and 830 million individual members. Forty percent of the users who frequently interact with LinkedIn do so on a daily basis, contributing to the platform’s monthly total of over one billion interactions.