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How To Record Clips On PS4


If you’re taking an online course, you can select to have the clip begin automatically. This will allow your students to go through the presentation without having to manually choose the audio icon at the bottom of the screen. Select “Stop on slide change” from the drop-down menu. If this is not done, the audio will continue to play over the following slide.

Rather than relying on third-party software, you may capture clips directly from within the game on your PS4. It is possible that some people will find the procedure difficult, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the platform. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions and suggestions on how to correctly record footage on the PlayStation 4.

The ability to share video with your friends and store them for later viewing will be available very soon.

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How to Record a Clip on PS4

It is not difficult to record video clips on a computer. You must first launch your game, and then, after you begin playing, you will be able to begin recording your gameplay. To capture a clip while playing a game, follow these steps:

1. When you press the Share button twice, it will record a video clip for the duration that you specified in the previous section. The recording should begin when you see the sign shown below, which indicates that the recording has begun.

2. Alternatively, if you want to stop recording the footage before the time limit has been reached, just double-tap the Share button once again. You should receive a notification stating that your video clip has been saved.

3. As soon as you are through recording your clip, it will be automatically saved in the Capture Gallery folder. The Capture Gallery may be accessed through the Settings menu.

4. Scroll down the settings menu and pick “System Storage Management” from the drop-down menu.

5. Select “Capture Gallery” from the System Storage Management drop-down menu.

Your capture gallery will be organized by game; each game will have its own folder of clips.

Possible Complications

If all goes according to plan, it should be simple to record and then view the video clip. Specific games, on the other hand, are complex and may prevent you from capturing the action at certain points. Games like Metal Gear Solid V, for example, are structured in this manner to avoid spoilers from being revealed about their plot. It is possible to get around this restriction by utilizing a capture card instead of the PlayStation share function. In the gaming world, a capture card is a piece of hardware that can be purchased at most electronics stores and used to record game footage.

Please don’t be concerned; the majority of PlayStation games are not like this, and even this game only has these limits in a few areas. It is still possible to purchase a capture card if you so choose, but it is not required.



Can you send video clips on PS4?

How to send images and video clips from your PlayStation 4 system. Select Capture Gallery from the content box and then choose a video clip to display. Press the SHARE button and then choose an internet service to share with. Trim allows you to change the beginning and ending points of a video clip.

How can I see my PlayStation clips?

Once you have activated auto-upload, any compatible screenshots and video clips taken on your PS5 console will be immediately posted to your PlayStation account. You may access them through the PlayStation App by going to Library > Captures. When viewing a capture on the PlayStation App, you have the option to: Download the capture to your smartphone by selecting Download.