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How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone


If you want to remove an email account from your iPhone, there are a few steps you need to take. This can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing, so we created this guide to help walk you through the process. Keep in mind that if you want to delete an email account from your iPhone, you will also be deleting all of the emails associated with that account. Are you ready to proceed? Let’s get started!

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How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone

1. Open Settings.

How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone

2. Select Mail.

How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone

3. Select Accounts after scrolling down.

How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone

4. Select the email account that you no longer wish to use.

How to Remove an Email Account from an iPhone

5. Choose the Delete Account option.

6. To verify, select Delete Account or, in some instances, touch the Delete from My iPhone option instead.


How do I remove a mailbox?

Take the Old Mailbox Out of Service

Depending on the configuration of your system, this may call for the use of a variety of instruments, such as a screwdriver and a socket wrench. After that has been taken down, it will be time to remove the outdated post. Dig around the post with a shovel to break up the earth and make it easier to move. Dig a hole and wiggle the post in different directions until you are able to pull it out.

How do I get rid of inboxes in Outlook?

Choose Account Settings from the File menu, then select Account Settings. Select the Exchange account you want to change settings for on the Email tab, then click Change > More Settings. Choose the other person’s mailbox from the drop-down menu labelled Open these extra mailboxes on the Advanced tab, and then click the Remove button.

How do I remove an old email address from Apple ID?

Create an account at Choose Personal Information, then choose Reachable At from the drop-down menu. Simply click the Remove button that is located next to one of your additional email addresses, and it will be deleted.

Why is my old email still on my Apple ID?

You can try signing out of Settings/Your Name (scroll down to the bottom of the page), and then signing back in with the new email address. Have you done the steps that are outlined in this post if you have already changed your ID? Before you sign out of the previous account, you need to make sure that Find My Phone is turned off.

Why can’t I change my Apple ID email address?

As a result of this, changing the name or primary email address associated with an Apple ID from a third party email address to an iCloud email address (that is, it is not possible to use the exact same iCloud email address that is already connected with or an alias for that Apple ID at this time.

You are able to change your Apple ID while maintaining access to all of your previous content and data if you just obtained a new email address however, you have not changed the email address that you have been using for your Apple ID and iCloud ID. Should you want to bring your Apple ID up to date, you can rest certain that none of your data will be lost in the process.