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How to Unlike All Songs on Spotify


By allowing you to automatically add songs to a folder whenever you use the “Like” feature, Spotify simplifies the process of keeping track of tracks that you enjoy listening to. On the other hand, after your Favorite Songs folder contains dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of songs, you could discover that you want to organise it in some way. A Step-by-Step Guide to Disliking Every Song on Spotify.

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How to Unlike All Songs on Spotify

You can select to dislike all songs on any of Spotify’s mobile apps; however, only the desktop versions for Windows and Mac allow you to delete all of the music that you have previously liked at the same time.

Using the desktop programmes for Spotify, the following steps can be taken to delete a large number of tracks all at once:

1. Start the Spotify desktop programme on your computer, regardless of whether it’s a Mac or a Windows system.

2. Simply choose the “Favorite Songs” option from the menu on the left after navigating to the appropriate location.

How to Unlike All Songs on Spotify

3. If you have a Windows computer, you can select all of the songs in the folder by holding down the Control key on your keyboard while pressing the A key.

How to Unlike All Songs on Spotify

4. Select “Remove from your Liked Tracks” from the context menu that appears when you right-click on the highlighted songs. Alternately, you can delete something by pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

How to Unlike All Songs on Spotify


How do I reset my liked songs on Spotify?

Thank you for contributing to the Spotify Community, and we hope you enjoy your time here. Only the desktop software allows you to remove all of your Favorited Songs at once. You can accomplish this by selecting all tracks at once using the Ctrl/Command + A shortcut, and then either right-clicking on each song to delete it or tapping the Delete key on your keyboard.

How do you remove likes from a playlist on Spotify?

It is highly recommended that you make use of the desktop application for this. After you’ve clicked the first song on the list, scroll all the way to the bottom and shift-click the song that comes after it. This will select any tracks that are located between the two that you have clicked on. Select “delete from favourite songs” using the context menu that appears after you right-click (or ctrl-click on Mac if you don’t have right-click enabled).

Is there a way to clear Spotify library?

To remove albums from your collection, select “Your library” from the menu that appears in the left-hand side of the screen when you launch the desktop application for Spotify. Choose the ‘Albums’ tab located on the right side of the page. Scroll through your albums until you find the one you want to remove from your library, then use two fingers to tap on it twice and select “Remove from library” from the menu that appears.

Can I restart my Spotify?

Immediately restart after performing a hard close. Spotify

The majority of the time, an app that displays an error message or crashes may be fixed with a straightforward solution, which is as follows: Simply forcibly close it, then resume the application. To begin, close the app on your Android device or Spotify if you’re on an iOS device. After that, start the application as you normally would.

What’s the longest Spotify playlist?

Willis Orr is the current holder of the record for the longest Spotify playlist. His playlist contains about 800 hours of music and approximately 10,000 tracks, which is the maximum number of songs a playlist may have. To put this into perspective, you would need to listen to the playlist for more than 33 days in a row to get through it all!