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To compete with their own Galaxy Books, Samsung is producing an OLED MacBook


The competitors of the Galaxy Book series are being enabled by Samsung Display. It has been rumored that the display giant has begun the process of producing OLED panels for future ultrabooks from Apple’s MacBook Air line, while its regional competitor, LG Display, may be experiencing manufacturing restrictions. According to a report from a Korean news outlet, LG Display may be operating at the absolute limit of its capacity to manufacture OLEDs. LG is working on OLED panels with screen sizes of 11 and 13 inches for the next generation of iPads, but the company does not have the capacity to build huge screens for other types of devices.

On the other hand, Samsung Display is making the most of this chance. According to reports, the business has started creating OLED screens of 13.3 inches in size for the MacBook Air. At Apple’s A3 line in Cheonan, the tech giant is now working on these panels for the company. Due to the fact that it already uses OLED or, more particularly, AMOLED display technology, the new Galaxy Book 3 series from Samsung Electronics is light years ahead of Apple in the display sector. It is not totally apparent for how much longer it will continue to lead.

Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicts that the first MacBook to feature an OLED display would be delivered by the end of 2024. This indicates that Samsung Display should have plenty of time to develop the technology to meet Apple’s requirements and specifications before the release date. According to additional sources, the first MacBook Air with an OLED display may be produced as early as 2023, although the first MacBook Pro that is enabled by OLED technology may not be released until 2026 in two sizes: 14 and 16 inches. Both of these models may be available in both of these sizes.

If you’re a user of a laptop and you’ve been itching for an OLED display, you can skip the wait and get one of Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy Book 3 models instead. The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is the first “Ultra” laptop ever produced by the company, and it is a behemoth driven by graphics from the RTX 4000 series that are displayed on a 16-inch AMOLED screen. The Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Book 3 Pro 360 are two alternatives that come at a lower price but also have AMOLED panels while not having RTX graphics. The 360 model was given its moniker because it can be converted from a laptop to a tablet running Windows and has a 2-in-1 form factor.