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How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn on Mobile App


Building relationships on LinkedIn can assist you in expanding your professional network, which in turn may lead to the discovery of new prospects. However, there are occasions when you decide that those connections are no longer something you want to keep, and in those cases, eliminating those connections from your network might help you streamline it. Approaching rid of connections is another option for maintaining compliance with LinkedIn’s network size restrictions (in the event that you are getting dangerously close to reaching 30,000 connections).

Here is how to remove connections on mobile, whether you know who you want to remove by name or need to find people by searching through all of your connections. Whether you know who you want to remove by name or need to find people by searching through all of your connections.

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How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn on Mobile App

If you are aware of the name of the individual with whom you do not wish to maintain contact, you can enter that name into the search field to locate that person’s profile. After reaching this screen, tap the three dots that appear next to their name, then hit “Remove Connection.” Finally, tap “Remove Connection” a second time to confirm your decision.

If that isn’t the case, this is how to complete the task using the Connections page:

1. Launch the LinkedIn app on your mobile device and sign in to your account, if prompted.

2. Select “View Connections” from the menu at the top of the screen after tapping the connections symbol located in the bottom toolbar. Tap “My Communities” if it appears at the top of the screen instead; after that, navigate to the “Connections” option in the next menu.

How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn on Mobile App

3. Scroll through your connections until you find the one you wish to eliminate; once you have located this connection, press the three dots to the right of their name, and then click “Remove Connection.”

How to Remove Connections on LinkedIn on Mobile App

4. Confirm your selection by selecting “Remove Connection” from the pop-up window to complete the process.


Can you remove a connection on LinkedIn without them knowing?

Simply by clicking that button, you have successfully eliminated an unneeded relationship from your LinkedIn profile. The basic method of severing a connection, on the other hand, has the disadvantage that the other person will be aware that you have read their profile. Even if you decide to erase a LinkedIn connection explicitly, they might not see it.

What’s the difference between unfollow and remove connection on LinkedIn?

When you unfollow a person, your LinkedIn feed will no longer include any updates from that person. If you are connected to a person and choose to unfollow them, you will still be connected to that person; however, you will no longer see the updates that they post.

Can a person tell if you block them on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn will not inform the person that you have blocked them that they have been blocked, and you are the only person who can unblock them. According to LinkedIn, blocking will not apply to information that you have made public, such as your public profile, content submitted in open group conversations, your own public shares, or comments on posts made by influencers.

Does LinkedIn show who viewed your profile?

The Who Viewed Your Profile function not only displays the people who have viewed your profile during the past ninety days, but it can also reveal further insights and patterns regarding readers. To view the list of users who have viewed your profile from your desktop computer, follow these steps: On the left-hand side of your LinkedIn homepage, beneath your profile photo, you will see a link labelled Who viewed your profile.

Who searched me on LinkedIn?

To gain access to this feature, go to the profile page associated with your account. You can access your dashboard by scrolling down from this point. Click the Who’s viewed your profile link that’s located on your dashboard. You are able to see in this section who has viewed your profile.