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How to Remove PS5 Side Plates


What if you wanted to make your PlayStation 5 even more unique and personalized? You might be interested in taking a closer look at the device’s internals in order to determine its functionality. Regardless of the reason for doing so, removing the side plates from your PlayStation 5 is a straightforward procedure to complete. Even better, you won’t need any special tools to remove the side covers from your vehicle, which is a huge convenience. The next section provides an explanation of the approach.

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How to Remove PlayStation5 Side Plates

First, you must pull away from the top corner of the PlayStation 5 in order to remove the side plates from the console. Begin by gripping the corner of the console at the PlayStation logo on the back, and then pulling it outwards from the centre. Once it begins to lift, you can easily remove the entire plate by sliding it downward from the top of the plate. Afterwards, you can simply repeat the operation on the other side of the table.

A certain amount of finesse is required during the procedure. The PS5 side covers are only held in place by a few tiny brackets that are connected to the console. The corner piece is then snapped into place to keep everything in its proper location. The entire plate will slip off after a corner has been pulled back a small amount. The entire procedure may be completed without the use of any tools, which cannot be stated for the removal of the PS5 vertical mount.

This information was first revealed in a PlayStation 5 deconstruction video produced by Sony, which was then made public. Viewing the attached movie presented above can help you obtain a better grasp of how things work in the real world. The face plate removal portion of the film begins at the 1:58 minute mark.

The act of putting something in place is the converse of the act of taking something out. After the side plates have been removed from the car, they may simply be slid back into position. Individual PlayStation 5 brackets are constructed with a hooked portion that fits into certain holes on the PlayStation 5. Check to verify that they are properly aligned before continuing. As soon as they’re in position, squeeze down on one of the plate’s corners to snap it back into place again. (Optional) It’s as easy as pie to do.

Because of how readily the side plates can be removed from the PS5, Sony is expected to produce new side plates for the PS5. At this moment, we haven’t received any official details on the plates themselves, but the idea of personalized or limited-edition plates just seems too good to pass up at this point.


Can you lay your PS5 on its side?

Yes. Although the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition were presented vertically at their first unveiling, both devices are capable of being laid flat. However, in order to properly set your console, you’ll need to use the provided base.

Is it OK to leave a disc in the PS5?

In terms of gameplay, it’s identical to that of the PS5 disc version, but it won’t be able to play any PS4 discs, PS5 discs, Blu-ray movies, or DVDs. When it comes to purchasing games, you’ll be forced to use the PlayStation Store, and you won’t be allowed to sell them. Physical media is being replaced by digital counterparts, which are slowly but steadily displacing them.