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How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy


As you make your way through Hogwarts Legacy, you will be presented with a large number of objectives to complete. While it’s possible that the majority of these quests may come from other students and teachers, there are also a number of NPCs scattered across the highlands that will offer you jobs to do. Agnes Coffey has contributed one of these tasks. It would appear that her adorable pet Niffler has gotten away, and she has asked you to look for it and bring it back. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to finish the Hogwarts Legacy quest “Rescuing Rococo.” So let’s get started:

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How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

After you have overcome the first test and made your way down to the Poidsear Coast, you will be able to accept this mission. Once you have arrived in this region, travel to the southeast in order to find the hamlet that is called Bainburgh. Along the ridge of the mountains to the south of Marunweem Lake is where you’ll locate this place. When you get there, speak to Agnes, the business owner, and she will fill you in on the details of her missing Niffler.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

After the conversation is over, make your way to the location known as Henrietta’s Hideaway. If you have already finished the Solved by the Bell quest, you have probably been to this region before. This is because the Musical Map, which is required to begin that quest, may be found in this area. Once you have arrived at the location, deal with the Ashwinders that are there, and then use the passage that is in the cliffside underneath the ruins to enter the hideout.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

To proceed to the next areas of the dungeon, you will need to solve the problem in the first chamber of the hideaway. Only then will you be able to proceed. Because of the ice box that is currently resting on the dish in the room, there is already one piece of the puzzle that has been solved. Get the fire box by lighting the brazier at the base of the statue on the left side of the room. This will allow you to access the other plate in the set. To move the box onto the fire plate, you will need to use Wingardium Leviosa. Cast a spell that involves fire on the fire box, and cast a spell that involves ice on the ice box. When you complete this task, the door to the rest of the hideaway will be unlocked.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

The next room will be quite spacious, and there will be a statue of a hippogriff in the middle of it. After you have vanquished the Ashwinders, head down the corridor that is located on the left side of the room and behind the statue. Following this will bring you to the next level within the room. Continue moving forward while keeping an eye out for the floor that moves. You can find out where it is by using the Revelio ability, and then you can stop the floor from moving when you walk through it by using the Arresto Momentum ability.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

Go down the path until you reach another enormous room populated by Ashwinders. First, you must vanquish all of the foes, and then you must track down the fire box and the levitation box. It is expected that the fire box will already be installed or will be located beside the fire plate on the ground. The levitation box may be found on the balcony to the left of the back door. In order to arrange the boxes on the appropriate plates, you will need to make use of the Wingardium Leviosa. Following this step, you will need to cast a fire spell on the fire box and a levitation spell on the levitation box. The door to the room will open as a result of doing this.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

Enter the next room while the door is still open, and begin searching that space for Decorations. Because Rococo keeps a stockpile of galleons in this area, it is possible for you to acquire a significant amount of them here. It is necessary to first hit Rococo with Arresto Momentum and then use your Nab-Sack in order to successfully capture it.

How to Rescuing Rococo in Hogwarts Legacy

Once Rococo has been apprehended, you should exit the hiding place and report back to Agnes. After all of your hard work, she will express her gratitude to you, and the quest will be over.


Is there romance in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy does not feature any romantic elements, which is a shame for all of you hopeless romantics out there.

Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC?

Avalanche, the company that developed the game, has stated that downloadable content will not be released anytime soon, if ever. “We’ve been really heads down bringing [Hogwarts Legacy] to life,” said game director Alan Tew at IGN Fan Fest. “so at the moment there are no current plans for DLC.”

Is Hogwarts Legacy fully open-world?

The wizarding world of the 1800s serves as the backdrop for the action role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy, which is an immersive, open-world experience that places players at the centre of their own adventures.

Will Quidditch be in Hogwarts Legacy?

“Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy,” is the only thing that has been publicly declared regarding this topic, and it can be seen in the official FAQ for the game. The frequently asked questions do provide additional information, namely stating that “broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game.”

Can you pick your house in Hogwarts Legacy?

The decision of which house to join in Hogwarts Legacy is one that can occupy anyone’s thoughts for a significant amount of time. Because it is one of the most significant components of daily life at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it will be one of the most significant decisions you make during the course of the game.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be co-op?

The frequently asked questions section on the official website for Hogwarts Legacy states that the game is a single-player adventure that does not include any official multiplayer or co-op gameplay aspects.