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How to Restart GTA 5 Story Mode


Grand Theft Auto 5, sometimes known as GTA 5, is a video game created and published by Rockstar Games. It is similar to many previous Rockstar Games products in that it instantly loads saved game data when the player starts the game again. This sort of behaviour may actually make it more difficult for you to find out how to go back into the story mode of the game in the first place. This game does not include a new game plus feature, which means that people who desire to begin at the beginning (such as yourself) must first select the most appropriate option from the menu.

Many of Rockstar’s games, including Grand Theft Auto 5, automatically load saved games, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exception. It might be difficult to figure out how to resume story mode in Grand Theft Auto 5. For those want to start from the beginning of GTA 5, there is no new game plus option available. Instead, they must navigate via the menu system.

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How do you Restart GTA 5 from the beginning?

Because GTA 5 does not have the standard start screen that other games have, it is not immediately obvious how players may resume the story mode of the game. Every time the game is started, it loads into the most recent save. Players must complete the following tasks in order to restart GTA 5 from the beginning:

  • You’ve reached the pause menu.
  • Select the “Game” tab from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “New Game” from the drop-down menu and confirm your decision.

Following the steps outlined above will begin the GTA 5 story from the very first cinematic in the game. This is a total reset, and the player will lose all of their money and previously acquired stuff as a result. Users can restore their prior narrative mode by selecting “Load Game” from the same tab if they make a mistake, however this is not recommended.

How to Start a new character in GTA Online

The procedure for creating a new character in Grand Theft Auto Online is comparable. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Go to Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • The game will be paused.
  • Navigate to the “Online” tab by scrolling down.
  • Choose “Swap character” from the drop-down menu.
  • Confirm the option by clicking on it.

This will return players to the lineup page, where they may choose from one of their already created characters or create a new one from scratch.

One thing to keep in mind while creating a new GTA Online character is that the user’s bank account is shared with the other players. As a result, a new character will be able to take money from the bank that has been deposited by earlier characters. This gives participants an advantage in the game by allowing them to gain an early start. Players can also bypass the instructional tasks if one of their other characters is level 100 or above, which is the case for most players.