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How to Rotate Text in Google Docs


Text is frequently entered horizontally in Google Docs. Although nothing is improper about that, you might occasionally wish to change things up a little. With Google Docs, you may modify the angle of your text, put vertical labels next to an image or table, or all three. There is no explicit setting for text rotation in Google Docs. Thankfully, there is still an easy way to rotate text in Google Docs. We’ll demonstrate how to use the drawing tool in Google Docs to rotate text. Reading this article, you may learn how to rotate text in Google Docs. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Rotate Text in Google Docs

What you must do is as follows:

1. Activate Google Docs.

2. Click Insert in the top menu bar of your document.

How to Rotate Text in Google Docs

3. Select New under Drawing.

4. Click the Text box in the window’s top-right corner to launch Google Docs.

How to Rotate Text in Google Docs

5. Doodle a text box on the blank page, then enter your text inside it.

How to Rotate Text in Google Docs

6. To rotate text in the direction of your choice, move the blue dot above your text box.

How to Rotate Text in Google Docs

7. The text will show on your page when you click Save and close when you are satisfied with the direction.

Transform Your Text and Images in Google Docs

You no longer need to use the same horizontal format for every project if you know how to rotate text in Google Docs. If you find this feature impressive, know there is still much more you can accomplish with Google Docs. The online text editor has a ton of additional capabilities.


How do you flip text horizontally in Google Docs?

Selecting the text you want to duplicate is the first step in the mirroring process in Google Docs. Click “Format options” from the context menu of the right-clicked text box. Select “Position” and then click the “Flip” button in the pop-up window. You can pick between a horizontal flip and a vertical flip.

Can you center text vertically in Google Docs?

Insert the text in an 11 table, extend the table to the bottom of the page, then set the vertical alignment setting in the table properties panel to “Middle” to center the text in the middle of the page in Google Docs.

How do I make horizontal data vertical in Google Sheets?

Choose the data that you want to transpose or convert. Copy the data by clicking right and choosing copy, or press Control + C on your keyboard. Choose the cell into which you want to drop the switched data. Select Paste Special from the context menu, then click Paste Transpose.

How do I adjust columns in Google Docs?

Right-click the column or row number. Select a row or column by clicking Resize. Enter a custom height or width is the next option.

Can I make columns different widths in Google Docs?

Start by inserting a table with the necessary number of columns to create columns in Google Docs that are different widths. Then, click and drag the cell boundaries to change the width of each column. To complete the transformation, take away the table border.