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How to Save Aitor in Dying Light 2


A significant number of famous characters appeared in the video game Dying Light. The tensions have been ratcheted up to an even higher level ever since Aitor and Timur have been brought into the title. The addition of extra non-playable characters, in addition to challenges, has made the task of rescuing lives considerably more difficult. Players have to begin their journey by concentrating on assisting other people in order to succeed in rescuing the former. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to rescue Aitor in Dying Light 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Save Aitor in Dying Light 2

Players need to be made aware of the fact that their ability to save Aitor is contingent on the decisions they made earlier in the campaign before they ever make an attempt to do so. Due to the crimes that Aitor has performed in the past, it is probable that he will be transported to the Floating Camp, which is where Waltz was found to have been living. However, he is in a very poor state of health. Following that point, players will have the choice to make an attempt to save Aitor. The speed of your journey through Dying Light 2, along with a number of the extra decisions you make, will determine whether or not Aitor survives.

How to Save Aitor in Dying Light 2

Unexpectedly, the rescue mission for Aitor is simply referred to as “Aitor.” To get started, players have to track down a doctor named Margaret, and then they have to round up a number of recluses. Although Survivors’ Intuition might be of some assistance, players should make sure they have access to one of the following. In the horror survival game, there is an abundance of long-range weaponry that may eliminate any Zombies that may be lurking around.

Margaret had earlier given the players the instruction that they needed to present Aitor with the tiniest of flowers in order to save Aitor. The reclusive will have access to a multitude of different dimensions to choose from. When players first arrive at the Floating Camp, they have a responsibility to let Aitor’s spouse know that they have been kept in the dark about Margeret’s role in assisting Aitor. After that, players will be able to enter Aitor’s chamber and present him with the flowers they’ve collected.

How to Save Aitor in Dying Light 2

After they have exited the room, Aitor will call you on the phone and let you know that everything is well with him. Awesome! The harrowing experience that Aitor had very recently comes to a close with this chapter. No matter what the facts may be, the Dying Light 2 Xbox Series X edition has run into a few issues. The narrative of the title lives up to everyone’s high expectations in every respect. It is safe to suppose that aficionados will have enough to keep them busy with all of the different things that are included in the campaign.


Should I poison Aitor or save him?

The best course of action is to hand Aitor the smaller petals at this time.

The little petals of the Recluse plant will restore Aitor’s health and save his life if you give them to him. If you don’t give him any of the herbs at all, he will remain in a coma on the bed for the duration of the game if you don’t give him the powerful ones. However, the powerful ones will kill him.

Should I tell him what happened to Aitor?

During the Welcome on Board narrative task, Aiden will reveal the truth about what happened to Aitor, which will allow you to access the side quest titled “Aitor.” If you accept this option, the Aitor side quest will not become available to you and you will have to lie and pretend that you do not know what happened to Aitor.

How did Aitor survive Dying Light 2?

Gather the Petals of the Recluse at Night

She will explain to you that the tiny petals of the recluse flower are the only thing that has a chance of saving Aitor.

Does saving Aitor affect the story?

Margaret will be saved along with Aitor if you are successful, and you will see her again in a later task in Dying Light 2. The players also have the option of giving Aitor the large petals and then killing him in order to prevent the Peacekeepers from discovering the truth. The murder of Aitor will result in the death of Margaret as well as other implications in the future.

What happens if you lie to Aitor’s wife?

The key to rescuing Aitor in Dying Light 2 is to lie low.

If you go with the option to say that you have “Never met any witches,” Patricia will be able to see through your lie, but other than that, the consequences of this choice will be the same as if you had simply spoken the truth, and Aitor will choke.