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How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2


Fans of the video game Dying Light 2 are well aware of how crucial it is to have a wide variety of weapons available to them at all times, considering the rapid nature with which the environment can shift and evolve. The majority of the weapons include everything from pipes to firearms, and some of the weapons take a comical approach while still maintaining their effectiveness. One of the many hidden weapons that players can discover in Dying Light 2 is referred to as the “Dying Force,” and it is a devastating force choke that was derived directly from the Star Wars movies. The following is a guide that will instruct players on how to unlock the force choke weapon in Dying Light 2 so that they can put their skills with the force to the test. So let’s get started:

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How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

In order for players to be able to create the weapon, they must first find and collect all five of the dark demonic ducks that are concealed throughout the game area. Bring all of these items to the VNC Tower, then ride the elevator all the way down to the basement to unlock the challenge that grants access to the Dying Force Blueprint. Once that is done, you will be able to play the task.

Demonic Duck 1:

Houndfield is the location of the first demonic duck that can be found. It will be concealed in the midst of a heap of charred bones that is located in the middle of the marsh.

How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

Demonic Duck 2:

The Garrison Electrical Station is the location of the second demonic duck that can be located in the garrison. One of the offices is located on the top level, and there is a safe deposit box on a counter that is next to an open window. The demonically inspired number 666 serves as the passphrase for the safe, which contains the demonically inspired duck.

How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

Demonic Duck 3:

Near the Wharf is where one might look for the third demonic duck. Players will need to swim to the area under the bridge with the fence and then leap into the water to locate one of the submerged blue police cars. The third duck is located in the trunk of the automobile, so swim there, open the trunk’s latch, and you’ll find it there.

How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

Demonic Duck 4:

The Lower Dam Ayre is the location of the fourth demonic duck that can be located. Proceed along the edge that joins the water for a while until it curves to the left, and then climb up into the next level. It is expected that the fourth duck will be perched atop a blue cleat.

How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

Demonic Duck 5:

The Outlands are the location of the lone remaining demonic duck. Utilize the rope that is strung throughout the perimeter of the Mount Lucid Observatory in order to ascend to the observation deck of one of the watchtowers. At long last, the fifth duck will be found within, and it will be positioned on top of a plastic container.

How to Unlock the Force Choke in Dying Light 2

After you have brought all five of the demonic ducks down to the basement, use the other elevator at the end of the passageway to descend to level 0. To access the one-of-a-kind obstacle that leads to the Dying Force blueprint in this brand-new ritual room, you must first set all of the demonic ducks on the tables and then link the wires to form a pentagram using the room’s available resources.


What is the strongest weapon in Dying Light 2?

The PK Crossbow is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most effective weapon in Dying Light 2. It is, in point of fact, the most powerful weapon in the entire game! Unfortunately, players who choose the Peacekeeper path are the only ones who can use the PK Crossbow, despite all the glory it bestows upon them.

Is there an unbreakable weapon in Dying Light 2?

A hidden development chamber was discovered not long after the game was made available to the public. Within this area were several “Easter eggs” hidden for the game’s followers, as well as the Korek weapon charm, which rendered weapons impenetrable.

Is there a sniper in Dying Light 2?

You will need to take cover while attempting to approach the sniper, who is located somewhere in the area of the decommissioned Electrical Station. It should come as no surprise that the sniper will shoot you if you are exposed and not moving when they aim at you. Even though it is not a deadly shot, two or three of them are sufficient to kill Aiden. The Station is surrounded on all sides by infected individuals as well as hazardous chemicals.

Is Aiden from Dying Light 2 superhuman?

Superhuman Capabilities Found in Dying Light 2

Some people may be surprised by how quickly Aiden was accepted into the community, but the developer Techland has been eager to point out that Aiden’s abilities make him a valuable asset. However, the manner in which he possesses this extraordinary strength may shed light on why he has been shunned throughout his life.

What is the hardest mission in Dying Light 2?

Dying Light 2: True Friends – The Fate of the Dog and What to Do With Dominik, Scott, and Moe is the title of the second instalment in the Dying Light series. Even though this is “only” a sidequest, it presents one of the most difficult decisions in the entire game of Dying Light 2. A young man named Dominik, who has struck up a friendship with a stray dog named Buddy, is essential to the success of this mission.