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How to See Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram


When engaging in conversation on social media platforms such as Instagram, you could get the impression that time is moving more swiftly than it actually is. For example, if you like a post, it may be gone from your feed, and it would be simple for you to forget that you had ever seen it before. If you don’t like posts, however, they will remain in your feed. Despite the fact that it is not possible to view all of the posts that you have ever liked for the whole of time, you have the ability to view all 300 of the most recent posts that you have liked on Facebook in a very short amount of time. This article will walk you through the steps necessary to view posts on Instagram that you have liked in the past. So let’s get started:

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How to See Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram

1. Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device, be it an iPhone or an Android.

2. If you are not already on the page for your account, tap the icon that looks like your account in the lower right corner.

How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

3. Tap the menu that has three lines and is located in the top right corner.

How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

4. Select “Your activity” from the menu that appears.

5. Interactions with the Tap.

How to See Posts You've Liked on Instagram

6. Tap Likes.

You ought to get a list of the most recent 300 posts that you have liked at this point. You can view the whole post by tapping any thumbnail, or you can use the Sort & filter tool, which is located in the top-right corner, to sort your likes according to a number of different criteria.


Why can’t I see all the likes on Instagram?

It is possible that the individual has turned their profile to private, which would imply that only their followers would be able to view their posts and the likes that were given to them. In addition, Instagram possesses a function that enables users to conceal the aggregate number of likes that have been given to their posts.

Does Instagram tell you how many times someone viewed your story?

Launch the story you want to check who’s seen it, and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You will be able to see the number of individuals as well as their Instagram usernames that have watched each individual photo or video in your story.

Can Instagram see screenshots?

No. You are free to take a snapshot of another user’s post or record it on your screen without the poster being alerted. There will not be any screenshot notifications for any of your stories, posts, or reels.

Can you see who blocked you on Instagram?

If you want to find out whether or not someone has blocked you on Instagram, search for their account. If you are unable to locate their account or view the image associated with their profile, it is possible that you have been blocked. It’s possible that they have barred you from their Instagram account if you can still view their profile and posts on another account.

Why is the same person at the bottom of my Instagram story?

Therefore, it is possible that the reason your crush’s face is appearing is because you have been connecting with him through direct messages or comments. However, it’s also possible that they’ve seen how frequently you view their profile. The various aspects on your Instagram account, such as your feed, can be made more personalized with the use of machine learning thanks to Instagram.

Does Instagram notify when you view a profile 2023?

There’s a good chance you’re wondering, “Is there a way to view private Instagram accounts?” The privacy regulations of Instagram ensure that users who simply view profiles do not reveal their identities. Because other users won’t be able to identify you as a visitor to a profile, you won’t be able to see who among your followers or even people who aren’t following you are checking out your page.