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How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac


Here is how you can send a direct message to another user in Discord if you are utilizing either a personal computer (PC) or a personal computer (Mac), an Android smartphone, or an iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Note: Before we get started, it’s important to highlight that certain users may have their Direct Message settings set to “Friends Only.” This means that you won’t be able to message those users unless they are already on your list of friends on Instagram.

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How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

If you own a personal computer or a Macintosh computer, you can send a direct message by following these instructions:

1. Connect to the Discord server.

2. Simply select Friends from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the Discord symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

3. You may either keep it on the Online tab to message a friend who is now online or switch to the All page to see all of the friends that are available on your list.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

4. Simply talk to the person you want to talk to by clicking on their name. This will begin a Direct Message conversation between the two of you.

5. After entering your message in the corresponding text box and pressing ENTER, your message will be sent.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

6. If you want to be able to DM other users on a server that you are a part of, you will first need to log in to the server by selecting it from the menu on the far left of the screen.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

7. You can find the person you’re looking for by going to the menu on the far right and scrolling through the list of member names until you find them.

8. To send a message to a member, right-click their name and select “Message” from the resulting popup menu.

How to Send a DM in Discord on PC or Mac

9. You can send your message by entering it into the text box and then pressing the ENTER button.

You should now be able to DM on either a PC or a Mac.


How does DM work on Discord?

A message that is sent directly from the sender to the recipient and is not connected to any server is known as a direct message, abbreviated as a DM (short for direct message) or a private message, also abbreviated as a PM. Direct messages (DMs) are messages that are sent over an exclusive channel that can only be accessed by the sender and the recipient of the message.

Are Discord DMS safe?

Even if no one is monitoring your private streams, you still shouldn’t consider Discord to be a secure avenue of communication. Your private communications are not encrypted end-to-end, and data breaches are a risk on any online platform (Discord has a bounty out on vulnerabilities; this link will open in a new tab).

Why can’t I send messages in Discord?

The following are some of the possible explanations for this: You are not going to be using the same server as the recipient. You have removed the ability to send direct messages on the shared server you are using. You are not a fully qualified member of your shared server since you have not finished the required membership screening processes.

What does pm mean in Discord?

private message
A private message, also known as a personal message or PM, is a message that is only sent between you and another user while you are chatting online. Note. In places like Discord, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the term “direct message” (DM) is used in place of “private message,” despite the fact that both terms signify the same thing.

Does Discord record you?

To the best of our knowledge, calls made on Discord are not recorded. Since Discord uses end-to-end encryption, it is theoretically possible for a nation state to record its users’ conversations, but why would they want to? On Discord, people spend a combined total of millions of hours per year chatting with one another. Even if someone were to have the desire to record those calls, the storage requirements would be extremely high.