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How to Send a DM on Twitter


A private communication that is sent to one or more specified Twitter users can be sent as a direct message (DM) on Twitter. Direct messages (DMs) can only be sent to users on Twitter who are already following you. DMs, just like tweets, are limited to 280 characters in length. If you want to connect with someone one-on-one but don’t know their email address or any other way to reach them, you could send them a direct message (DM). This is also something you could do if you know they spend a lot of time on Twitter and are more likely to see a message there before they see it anywhere else. If you need to communicate something that you don’t want the general public to see, you should direct message someone instead of tweeting it (such as setting up a business meeting). Some users of Twitter like to send a direct message (DM) to every new follower with a message of congratulations and welcome. This article will walk you through the steps of sending a direct message on Twitter. So let’s get started:

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How to Send a DM on Twitter

To write a DM, complete each step in the following order:

1. Choose Messages from the menu on the left rail of the home page of your Twitter account.

How to Send a DM on Twitter

2. On the Messages page, towards the top of the screen, choose the icon that looks like an envelope labeled New message.

How to Send a DM on Twitter

3. There is now a new message window that has appeared. After entering the name of the recipient of the direct message that you wish to send, pick the Next button.

How to Send a DM on Twitter

4. There is now a window for receiving messages. You will be able to see the messages in the window if you have previously communicated with the individual and have not removed the messages. In the field designated for messages, input your message, and then click the Send button (represented by an arrow pointing to the right). The message displays in the window that is designated for receiving messages.

How to Send a DM on Twitter

5. In the event that the recipient answers, their message will also be displayed in the messaging window, just like it would in an exchange of texts.


Why can’t I send a DM on Twitter?

There is a daily cap of 500 Direct Messages that can be sent from your account. When you have reached this limit for the day, you will no longer be able to send any more Direct Messages. It is possible that you will need to authenticate your phone number if you are sending Direct Messages to accounts that do not follow you on Twitter.

Can I DM someone I don’t follow on Twitter?

In most cases, you are able to send a direct message (DM) to anyone who follows you. However, there are a few notable outliers. You are able to send the person a direct message (DM) even if they do not follow you but have chosen to receive DMs from anyone. You can also send a direct message to that person even if they are not following you if you have already communicated with them in the past using direct messages.

How do you send a DM to someone you don’t follow?

On Instagram, in order for users to message one another, neither they nor you are required to follow the other person’s account. You can send a message to someone by swiping left on the Home screen, which will take you to a screen where you can create a new message, or by touching the “Message” button on the profile page of the person you want to contact.

How long is Twitter DM limit?

Current restrictions imposed by Twitter

The maximum number of messages that can be sent via Direct Messages in a single day is 500. Tweets: 2,400 a day on average. The daily update restriction is then subdivided into even more granular limits that are applicable to semi-hourly periods. The number of total tweets includes retweets.

Are Twitter messages safe?

Such messages, on the other hand, are not as secure as those transmitted via programs such as Signal, or WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, all of which are owned by Meta. Despite pleas from people interested in cybersecurity for Twitter to encrypt its direct messages, the company has never done so.

Do Twitter DMs ever disappear?

Senders on Twitter are able to remove their Direct Messages (DMs), but the messages will only be deleted from the sender’s end of the conversation and not the recipient’s (and vice versa).