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How to Send a WhatsApp Audio Message to Telegram


Telegram saw a significant increase in user numbers as a direct result of WhatsApp’s decision to implement new terms and conditions that were opposed by virtually everyone. As a result, after some time, users either went over to Telegram or began using both apps because WhatsApp kept moving the deadline around. Therefore, Telegram became yet another messaging application that found its way onto the home screen of our phone.

Long-pressing the audio message button on WhatsApp and then tapping the forward arrow will allow you to forward an audio message. However, is it possible to transmit an audio message from WhatsApp to an other messaging app? The answer to your question is yes, and the process itself is really simple. Continue reading to learn how to search for WhatsApp audios that were sent on a given date and how to forward audio messages from WhatsApp to Telegram.

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How to Send a WhatsApp Audio Message to Telegram

So you got an audio message from a WhatsApp friend, and your other friend who only uses Telegram needs to hear it. Locate Telegram and long-press on it to forward the audio. Instead of pressing the forward arrow, press the sharing icon > Swipe up to find Telegram

How to Send a WhatsApp Audio Message to Telegram

After you’ve picked Telegram, the app will prompt you to select a chat to which you want to transfer the audio.

How to Send a WhatsApp Audio Message to Telegram

Find and tap on the conversation to send the audio message.

How to Send a WhatsApp Audio Message to Telegram

If you don’t use Telegram very often and simply use it because most of your friends do, you’ll notice a feature that WhatsApp should have. When you listen to an audio message on Telegram and then leave the chat to do something else, the audio message continues to play in the background.

The audio player controls, which allow you to pause or close the discussion, are located near the top. More options will show at the bottom if you press on the audio. You can, for example,

  • Play the audio again.
  • Rep the list.
  • List shuffle
  • Reverse the order
  • Skip or go on to the next audio
  • Send the audio to a different contact.
  • Share
  • Conserve to music
  • Display the audio in chat


Can voice memos be shared on Telegram?

Extending the scope of sharing.

You are now able to send any image, video, audio, document, or location to any Telegram chat or channel directly from the basic iOS apps on your device, such as Contacts, Maps, Voice Memos, and Photos. Additionally, it is possible to share content with multiple conversations or channels all at the same time.

Where is telegram microphone icon?

Within a Telegram chat, the icon for video messaging is unmistakably represented by a camera and is located to the far right of the input text box. If it is not present, then you will see an icon that looks like a microphone; all you need to do is tap on it once to expose the camera symbol.

What does it mean when it says recording on Telegram?

Admins now have the ability to record audio from voice chats, which allows them to save conversations and publish them for followers who were unable to attend the live event. When you are through recording, the audio file will immediately be accessible in the Saved Messages section of the app. A flashing red light will appear next to the title of any chat that is currently being recorded.

Can you record calls on Telegram?

How to Record Calls in Telegram on Your Android or iPhone Device: First, bring the phone’s control centre down to the bottom of the device. Step 2: Navigate to the Screen Recorder and select it using your mouse. After that, a little window will pop up. In this window, click the Start Recording/Screen Recording button, then select Media sounds/Microphone on.

Where are Telegram audio files stored?

As it turns out, Telegram altered the placement of the downloads folder due to restrictions imposed by the Android 11 operating system. The creators of the app have stated that the files may now be found under “storage/Android/data/org. telegram.”